Ready to Grow Your Business and Delegate to an Online Business Management Team?

Sarah Noked OBM is a team of online business managers, communicators and decision makers deeply in touch with the creative, entrepreneurial mindset. We’ll keep you focused on the tasks you need to prioritize and take over the tasks that are weighing you down. We implement systems and automate processes to give you the time to focus on the stuff you love to do while feeling confident that your OBM team has you covered.

increase productivity

Increase Productivity

Do what you do best and delegate the rest

drive business

Drive Business

We’ll help you generate leads and keep existing clients satisfied

get organized

Get Organized

Implement the right systems & automation to save time & monitor metrics

accelerate growth

Accelerate Growth

Guided strategy sessions help you focus on the bigger picture

Find out how being a successful delegator will uplevel your online business!



“Before working with Sarah and her Team, I was drowning in projects and not able to keep up with the follow-ups. I was inches away from losing some very key clients for the dumbest of reasons. Sarah immediately took charge.”

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A Team You Can Trust

Sarah Noked is the Founder and Head of Strategy & Digital Marketing at Sarah Noked OBM. She built and sold her first business at the age of 25, powered through her MBA, and went on to gain 3 years of experience in business development in the corporate world. A certified Online Business Manager, she started Sarah Noked OBM in 2013 and has since built a vibrant and dynamic team of project managers, copywriters, bloggers, and web designers to help her run the show. She gets her kicks helping entrepreneurs realize their business goals by turning fantasies into concrete systems and processes that keep businesses growing.


At Sarah Noked OBM, Sarah offers team-based collaboration, in-depth strategy, and a proactive team of women who are experts in their field and on-call to contribute to any project you need to get off the ground.


Sarah Noked, MBA, OBM, Strategy & Digital Marketing


Julie Schut, Tech Wizardess & Project Manager


Kippy Flur, OBM & Project Manager


Emily Hanssen Arent, Content Writer & Project Manager

Sarah Noked

Founder, Head of Strategy & Digital Marketing

Billing herself as the “Entrepreneur’s Online Business Manager”, Sarah helps her clients stay on track by managing their projects and building smart systems that allow entrepreneurs to automate their businesses. She leverages a deep understanding of how to use technology to make an online business grow rapidly, allowing entrepreneurs to reach their full business potential.

Sarah has more than 10 years of business experience. After starting and selling her first brick-and-mortar business at age 25, Sarah followed her heart (and hubby) to Israel where she completed an Executive MBA in International Business from the University of Haifa. This was followed by a successful career in business development for an education-based firm with customers around the world.

In 2013, Sarah hung up her corporate hat (ditched the pantyhose and high heels) to pursue a career helping online entrepreneurs build and grow successful online businesses. Her ingenuity coupled with sound, practical business sense has enabled her to serve her entrepreneurial clients well. Applying these same qualities to her own business has propelled her business to grow from a one man show to a thriving team-based business.

Originally from Toronto, Canada, Sarah lives on a kibbutz in Northern Israel with her husband and 2 kids.

Julie Schut

Tech Wizardess & Project Manager

Julie is Sarah Noked OBM’s resident tech-savvy millennial: she’s been building websites and navigating social media since her early teens and speaks the language of the web like only a Millennial can. With an overwhelmingly impressive command of the powers of social media and online project management, she’s an indispensable powerhouse of experience and skill.

Julie is a resourceful and detail-oriented project manager and customer care specialist who is able to solve a myriad of problems and concerns rapidly and professionally. Her diplomatic nature gives her the poise to interface simultaneously between different departments, clients and vendors with finesse, ensuring that projects are delivered on time, on budget, and on target.

Over the years she has found a home in The Netherlands, Canada, and Israel.

Kippy Flur

Online Business Manager

Kippy began as a business development consultant to Israeli startups in 1999 and enthusiastically adopted every new technology that came online, often learning about cutting-edge developments through her startup clients. In 2007, Kippy decided to focus on the area she enjoyed most—marketing communications. She spent the next 9 years in small and large companies overseeing marketing activities focused on brand building (websites, advertising, live events, brochureware) and managing both in-house and outsourced teams—always close to business development activities.

By 2014 it was time to become her own boss (which fit perfectly with a personal family decision to return with her husband to her birthplace, Southern California). She became a certified OBM, confident that her past experience and professional skills were exactly what was needed to help entrepreneurs grow their online businesses.

Kippy loves to solve problems. In many of her past positions, she came into “messy situations” that she saw as a surmountable challenge. She thoroughly enjoys the process of getting things under control and then putting in place new platforms for growth.

As Kippy says in her own words: “I love working online and have learned that working at home does not mean working alone.”

I love being the driving force behind the scenes. I’m not a charismatic figure that can be the “face” of a company or brand. That’s not the OBM’s job anyway. I am good at taking a deep look at what is going on at the backend, understanding the internal and external forces at play, and implementing processes for moving forward.

Emily Hanssen Arent

Content & Project Manager

During the past decade, Emily has rarely spent more than a couple of years in the same city. As a passionate traveler, her journey has been colorful and her resulting resume dynamic–but the common thread has always been her writing. No matter her physical location or medium of employment, her skills as a writer and researcher have defined her working life.

Her travels have taken her to Copenhagen, where she researched, designed, and coordinated tours throughout Europe for American college students, writing and designing marketing materials for the program’s website, brochures, and study abroad fairs. Her travels have taken her back to her hometown of Denver, where she worked as a staff writer for an international travel magazine, writing creatively about politics, religion, and traveling while young. Her travels have taken her to Israel, where she received a Master’s Degree in Middle Eastern History and went on to manage the content and marketing strategy for a small Israeli hi-tech startup.

Over the years, she has refined her skill as a writer and learned that its value lies in its versatility: you don’t have to be an eternally intrepid creative to be a writer. There are plenty of creatives and entrepreneurs with boundless creativity who can’t put their thoughts into words. That’s where Emily comes in.

When she isn’t working on Sarah Noked projects, Emily is conducting research for her first novel. She lives in Tel Aviv with her husband and Shih-tzu.

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