Overwhelm is Overrated!

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“I appreciate the way that Sarah shows up in the world. It truly was the best use of my time with a coach/consultant in years. I was so relieved not to have to sit through a session of rah rah, fluff bullshit that left me beating my head on my keyboard. It was refreshing to interact with someone at her level of success who conducted themselves as a regular person and not some goddess, guru, better than the rest of humanity. I instantly felt that I was working with a colleague and that she was on my side, wanting me to succeed. I heartily recommend her services!”

Teresa Cleveland

“I love how the Sarah Noked team balances out my own tendencies, providing me with grounding, logic, and vision to see what I cannot. I feel more organised, capable, and able to achieve what I want to. They brought a new level of efficiency, strategy, clarity, and support I honestly didn’t think was possible, and made me accountable to things I would normally hide from. I’ve been so thrilled with my experience working with this team!!”

Helen Jacobs

The most valuable piece of information I gained from working with you the was way you were able to help me to weed through our conversation, verbalize and clarify exactly what my online service-based business does to best serve my clients. The feedback and insight from someone who is familiar and experienced with the type of work that I do, but not involved in my day-to-day was invaluable. Sarah and Emily, you were both great to work with–very professional from beginning to end! I have a much better sense of direction for my business after speaking with you!

Rebecca Thibodaux