Hey there!
I’m Sarah Noked.

If you made it to my little corner of the internet, you’re either:

a.) An online entrepreneur who’s heard the rumors about the magic I can work behind the scenes of your online biz. And you’re wondering how my OBM team can help you grow and scale.

b.) A virtual assistant or OBM who can’t help but wonder how a little OBM like me can be kicking so much ass online. The secret’s out: becoming a Certified OBM was a game changer for my business. And as a Certified OBM Trainer, I can help you do the same in The OBM Certification.

Whether you’re here to learn about working WITH me or you’re here to learn about working LIKE me, you’re trying to scale your business and you can’t do it without systems. You’re sick and effing tired of being the bottleneck in your business.

A few years back, I was trying to scale my business without systems, and I was THE bottleneck in my own online biz. I had JUST completed my MBA. I held meetings with clients from my infant daughter’s nursery by day, and my frigid front porch by night. I was pregnant with my second child, my business was a hustle, and my hubby and I were just making ends meet.

When I started my online business, I was on my own. I was accountable to every single client and task. And in the beginning, I loved it! My business was new, I was engaged in every aspect day in and day out, I got to spend ridiculous amounts of time with my babies, and I felt like I was kicking ass.

But burnout is a shifty bitch, and I ran out of steam FAST. I wanted to take on more clients and increase my profits without losing my sanity. I wanted a virtual team that could support me in the day to day tasks my clients demanded so I would have the time to focus on the big-picture, revenue-generating ideas that would grow my business fast.

Today, I’m proud to say that I do have my team. I work from a gorgeous home office in a house built from my online biz profits (no more shivering on the front porch!) I work with some names you’d probably recognize and help them to build systems, manage teams, and launch 6-figure online programs & courses.

But I couldn’t have done any of this without systems. Building systems and procedures for my online business gave me the confidence to delegate any task to my team without a second thought and gave me the freedom to focus on the stuff I love doing. And wasn’t that your dream when you started your own online biz?

Whether you’re an online entrepreneur or you serve online entrepreneurs, I’m on a mission to help you kick as much ass as possible online, build systems & a team, keep you accountable to your goals, and increase those profits.

Let’s get growing!

Meet Our Online Business Manager Team

We are agile

The Sarah Noked OBM team implements the systems and structures that your business needs to scale and expand…and believe us when we say that nothing you throw our way will ever surprise us! We’re intensely focused on organizing and prioritizing your business concerns and our main objective is to get the job done. Our daily team meetings ensure that no detail gets lost in the process, and that all tasks are assigned to the right person for the job!

We provide the
structure you lack.

We work with entrepreneurs and creatives in all stages of business to provide the unique structure and support you need. If you’re just starting out, we harness your creativity and give structure to the ideas and dreams you have for
your company. If you’re growing fast, we help you create the systems and automation you need to delegate. Already killing it? We’ll wrangle your diverse virtual team so that you don’t have to. You’ll get the encouragement you need to keep thinking creatively and the kick in the pants you need to keep your business growing!

We are diverse.

In your initial strategy sessions, you’ll meet our founder Sarah, the Head of Strategy & Digital Marketing at Sarah Noked OBM. As your projects progress, you’ll meet and work with the other members of our team: Julie, the master of social media and project management and Emily, whose content writing & project management will transform your complex ideas into useful and digestible media content. And if you need help visually building your brand identity, our resident web designer, Paula, is on deck to to provide functional design and high
impact visuals.

We understand what it means
to work remotely while still enjoying the camaraderie of
a team-based business.

Because it’s our dream too, and we made it happen. We want to help you put the strategic systems into place that can help you work from wherever you find yourself but still feel supported by a team with your best interests at heart. We work on Eastern Standard Time, so we’re always available when you need us.

Emily Arent

Emily has refined her skills as a content writer and researcher with over a decade of experience working abroad in well-established companies, in tiny startups, and as a freelancer. She is passionate about helping creative people put their grand ideas into words that can be used across media and marketing platforms. She holds an M.A. in Middle Eastern History.

Learn More about Emily

Julie Schut

Julie is the organizational genius and tech wiz behind the scenes at Sarah Noked OBM. As a Project Manager, she has her hands on every project that crosses our desk to ensure smooth operations and communications, quick troubleshooting, and professional interface between clients and vendors.

Learn More about Julie

Galia Tsioni

Galia is a talented project manager and the master of web analytics at Sarah Noked OBM. As a project manager, she manages client projects on a daily basis through constant communication and strategy implementation. She also implements big picture web analytics monitoring for all Sarah Noked OBM clients. She is currently working towards her MBA at IDC Herzliya.

Learn More about Galia

Rachel Caplin

Rachel is a creative and results-driven project manager, and a queen of balancing “big picture” strategic planning with efficient, day-to-day operations. Her approach is detail-oriented and dedicated to your unique entrepreneurial vision and success. She holds a B.Com in Management & HR, a BA in Psychology & Communications, and an MA in International Relations.

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Find out how being a successful delegator
will uplevel your online business!



I sort of want to keep Sarah and her Team as my own secret until I can afford to hire her full time – but meantime, I guess the generous thing to do is to tell everyone how great she is. Sarah’s worth every cent!

Joyce CampbellBusiness Success Coach