The best piece of advice I got during my OBM transition

The transition from VA to OBM isn’t always cut and dry, and sometimes you need some guidance along the way (Tweet it!).

And that’s exactly what I needed back when I first decided to make the transition. So I hired a coach! And to this day – I strongly believe that investing in mentorship with someone who has the job you want is the BEST investment you can make in yourself and your business.

My coach gave me SO many invaluable pieces of advice as I was building out my OBM business, but one stood out above the rest.

Join an online community where your ideal client spends time.

This is hands down the best strategy out there for networking in the online world, and making connections with people who may eventually become your clients – or refer clients to you!

There are free communities, and there are paid communities. I chose to invest in a paid community – and the connections I made in the group during the early days of my OBM biz still bring me new business and new clients – TO THIS DAY. That was four years ago!

Check out the recent FB live chat I had with my own online community, The Confident OBM, and learn how to leverage the power of free and paid online communities to start growing your client base and networking like a boss.

Now over to you: are you a member of any free or paid online communities? Are you leveraging your membership to build your client base? I’d love to hear!



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Sarah Noked

Sarah Noked is an MBA graduate, Online Business Manager, and Digital Marketing Strategist with more than 10 years’ business experience. Billing herself as the “Entrepreneur’s Online Business Manager,” Sarah and her team help clients stay on track and grow their businesses by managing their projects and teams, and implementing systems and automation. In turn, her clients gain the much needed time to focus on their big picture, revenue-generating ideas. Connect with Sarah on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.