Making the Transition from VA to OBM: Mindset

This week, I popped into my FB Group, The Confident OBM, to check in with my fellow VAs and OBMs. The thing is, I get emails and messages ALL THE TIME from VAs who are wondering how exactly I made the leap from VA to OBM. What’s the actual difference between a VA and OBM? […] Read More

How to vacation from your online business like a boss

Last summer, I took my first full-time vacation from my online business. That’s right. The queen of systems and delegation finally put her words into action and went off the grid. We all know how it goes. We may feel supported by the loyalty of our clients or the competence of our team members. But our […] Read More

How to overcome the top 3 obstacles to proper delegation in your online biz

One of my favorite parts about my first two years as a solopreneur was the feeling of freedom. In particular, I LOVED not having a manager breathing down my neck about deadlines or clients. I was in charge of every client and task in my online business, and I loved keeping MYSELF accountable to every […] Read More

How to profit from systems like a confident OBM

I’ve met so many of my fellow online services providers over the years who have convinced themselves that having a team is too much work and not profitable. But you know what I say to that? Bullshit. I started out as a solo-OBM four years ago because I was pregnant and wanted desperately out of […] Read More

Join me LIVE for the 5-Day Systems Challenge!

Last night, I tucked my kiddos into bed and barricaded myself in the basement to hold my very first FB live! In it, I chatted with my community about that make or break moment in every online business. That moment when you’d jump off the roof if you get one more client email. That moment […] Read More

How to create a client brief and keep it current

Organized chaos. That’s how I would categorize all of the information I retained about my OBM clients before I started working with a team. And when I was flying solo, that worked for me. I had multiple files and spreadsheets that helped me keep track of who was on Mailchimp and who was on ActiveCampaign. […] Read More

How to increase revenue in your online biz by leveraging systems

As you know, I had some wild dreams about the future of my online biz when I first started hustling. And I couldn’t be happier that those crazy plans NEVER came to fruition. The pace of growth I’m currently enjoying in my online biz has, in the end, provided me with all I’ve ever wanted: […] Read More

How systems helped me be a better boss

Recently, I dug up the “business plan” I drafted in the early days of my online business. In it, I outlined the SCORES of employees I’d be managing by this stage of my online business. 4 years later, I have 4 team members. I laughed. Not because I was crazy for dreaming. But because that […] Read More

The top three systems you need in your online business

That’s right. I’m ranting about systems again! But listen, I really can’t help myself! Systems are the reason I’m on track to double my revenue this year, why high-profile clients seek ME out, and why my team is able to function like clockwork without my supervision. And after 4 years of working with online entrepreneurs […] Read More

How systems helped me be a better mom

All online entrepreneurs have one thing in common. We each have a driving factor, a fire lit beneath us, that inspired us to start our biz and HUSTLE to grow it. For some people, it’s the desire to be their own boss. For others, it’s the freedom to travel and work from anywhere. And both […] Read More

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