The top 5 most powerful differentiators between a VA and an OBM

As March approaches, my team and I continue our work back-stage to bring The OBM Certification to life. And I’m getting LOTS of questions. The Confident OBM Community is buzzing with them actually! My fellow online service providers want to know: what’s the real difference between a VA and an OBM? What are the concrete […] Read More

The three things you should know about dealing with difficult clients

I’m sure that all of you online service providers out there can relate: dealing with difficult clients is the WORST part of the job. And in the early days of my online business, unhappy clients would never fail to send me into a tailspin. I’d wake up to a critical email, and my day was […] Read More

Coffee Talk: How to prevent unhappy clients

Every VA and OBM I know agrees. The fastest way to drop your stomach to the floor is to open an email from a client who is PISSED. You know the emails. A client is pissed that a project is taking longer to implement than you originally quoted. They’re unhappy with the graphic mockups you’ve […] Read More

How to get started working from home

Before I started my online business, I worked in corporate. I commuted to and from the office 45 minutes each way, and traveled internationally for my job on a monthly basis. I was miserable. Then I got pregnant. And it was my first pregnancy that lit a fire under my ass to get the hell […] Read More

How I leveraged my OBM Certification to grow my biz

I get questioned on a weekly basis from my fellow OBMs (and VAs thinking of taking the plunge): “Is it worth it to get certified?” And my answer is always: Hell. YES. I enrolled in The Certified OBM when I was still hustling away as a tech VA. Because I knew that what I was […] Read More

Become a Certified OBM with Sarah Noked

I am vibrating in my seat as I write this — I’ve been holding it in for so long! But now I’m finally spilling it. I’ve spent the past week in Banff Alberta, Canada with the one, the only, THE Tina Forsyth. Back in the day, when I was still a tech VA getting my […] Read More

The 3 keys to thriving as an online solopreneur

During my early days as an online biz owner, I was riding solo. For two years! After leaving corporate, I was addicted to the rush of controlling my own destiny, hustling every damn day, and being responsible for all the moving pieces in my business. MY business. I was living the solopreneur lifestyle and loving […] Read More

How systems helped me be a better mom

All online entrepreneurs have one thing in common. We each have a driving factor, a fire lit beneath us, that inspired us to start our biz and HUSTLE to grow it. For some people, it’s the desire to be their own boss. For others, it’s the freedom to travel and work from anywhere. And both […] Read More

How systems helped me be a better boss

Recently, I dug up the “business plan” I drafted in the early days of my online business. In it, I outlined the SCORES of employees I’d be managing by this stage of my online business. 4 years later, I have 4 team members. I laughed. Not because I was crazy for dreaming. But because that […] Read More

The best piece of advice I got during my OBM transition

The transition from VA to OBM isn’t always cut and dry, and sometimes you need some guidance along the way (Tweet it!). And that’s exactly what I needed back when I first decided to make the transition. So I hired a coach! And to this day – I strongly believe that investing in mentorship with […] Read More

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