The importance of self-care as you build your VA or OBM biz!

This week, I’m coming to you from a family vacation on the island of Crete in Greece to talk self-care!

This year in business has been exciting and INTENSE! I’ve continued to grow my team, increased my client load exponentially, and launched my first online course: The Team Growth Formula!

Needless to say, there hasn’t been any time for vacationing! So this has been a long time coming.

I’ve shared my thoughts on vacationing as an online entrepreneur in the past, and here’s the truth: it took me YEARS after starting my biz to be able to vacation like I wanted to: able to unplug from my clients for hours at a time, sit with my kids by the pool, and hole up in the hotel spa for a treatment or two.

The vacations I took during my first years in business weren’t vacations at all — just regular work days in a different location. Huge bummer. I practiced self-care sporadically, ate like a college student, and never made it to my yoga classes. I was a slave to my business!

Making time for self-care over the course of the VA/OBM biz-building journey is integral to your own health, the health of your business, and eventually — the health of your team (Tweet it!).

And speaking of teams — I wouldn’t be on this island vacation without mine. Catch the video below to hear how I prioritize self-care as an OBM biz owner, how my team helps me do it more often, and how you can build a team that helps you do the same.

The next round of Team Growth Formula is rapidly approaching. So, are you ready to systematize, delegate, and build a team that allows you to unplug and lay by the pool every once in awhile?

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