Making the Transition from VA to OBM: Mindset

This week, I popped into my FB Group, The Confident OBM, to check in with my fellow VAs and OBMs.

The thing is, I get emails and messages ALL THE TIME from VAs who are wondering how exactly I made the leap from VA to OBM.

What’s the actual difference between a VA and OBM? (Tweet it!)

And when did I know I was ready to transition from billing myself as a virtual assistant to a full blown online business manager?

Below, I share the story of how I got my start in the world of online business, from my humble beginnings learning the ropes, to the present day — managing a team of 4 OBMs, myself included! I also share with you how I knew I could no longer really classify myself as a VA, and what went into that transition.

Join me as I chat mindset, my decision to go through an OBM certification course, and how billing myself as an OBM has drastically shifted my lifestyle and my profits!

Now over to you: are you a VA or OBM? If you’re a VA, have you ever thought about making the transition to becoming an OBM? I’d love to hear!

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