How systems helped me be a better mom

All online entrepreneurs have one thing in common. We each have a driving factor, a fire lit beneath us, that inspired us to start our biz and HUSTLE to grow it. For some people, it’s the desire to be their own boss. For others, it’s the freedom to travel and work from anywhere. And both of those reasons factored in for me. But there was one goal I had for my life that drove me harder than anything else. I wanted to be a mom.

As you know, I moved to Israel for love, got married, and started a family. And the corporate lifestyle simply wasn’t compatible with the kind of momma I wanted to be to my kids. I had grown up with a stay at home mom. I couldn’t imagine it any other way. But I also built & sold my first business at the age of 23. My entrepreneurial spirit couldn’t be tempered by a house full of blonde babies!

So I built out my OBM biz and I was home with my babies. But during my first two years in business I felt myself cycling through long periods of being mentally absent, unable to unplug completely and fully relish time with my kids. I wanted the flexibility to take my kids to the zoo at the drop of a hat. Just because we felt like it that day.

I didn’t want to have to breastfeed in stealth mode on a client call (yup). (Tweet it!)

Here are the three ways that building out systems in my business helped me be a better mom.

Systems allowed me to hire

I was breastfeeding on the DL during the early days of my biz. And its because I had no systems and no team!! I was totally isolated. I had no one to talk to on a daily basis other than my clients and my infant. Any mom will tell you that those early days with an infant, when it’s all baby all day, can lead to stress and total burnout. So when I was pregnant with my second child, part of my maternity leave planning involved hiring a part-time employee who could start taking some pieces off my plate.

My first beloved hire was Julie. And because I took the time to lay out all of my admin systems in my early days of solitude, she was able to hit the ground running and take a significant load off my plate as I transitioned gently into being a mother of two. Three years later — Julie’s still with me! And she’s blossomed into being the sole OBM for my longest-running client!

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Systems allowed me to delegate & GROW

Once Julie was in charge of the admin leg of my online biz and able to help me bring in some extra revenue with a client that required little of my attention, I had the room to start growing! Familiar with the systems I had built for her, she helped me build systems for every other recurring task in my business. And it soon became clear that she couldn’t handle them all without a fellow team member.

Two years after building my first systems, making my first hire, and leveraging Julie to create systems for growth, I’ve added two more badass women to my team. Emily started as my part-time blogger and copywriter and has since blossomed into a full time OBM with her own clients — and manages every last word of my content on her own. Galia started as a part time admin and metrics guru and now manages her own OBM clients.

What does this mean for my motherhood?

I’ve never had more time for my kiddos! Two years ago, I was breastfeeding an infant, managing 5-6 clients, doing all the admin work in my biz, performing all recurring tasks in my biz, and training new employees.

These days? I manage 2 dream clients and have all the time in the world to do the creative, strategic work that keeps my biz growing. My team helps me train new employees, and they manage 90% of my recurring tasks. I can vacation from my online biz whenever I damn well please. And best of all, I have clear boundaries in place that allow me to focus on work when it’s necessary, and completely unplug when I’m with my kids.

Now over to you: It’s never too late to get growing! What are the top three tasks in your biz that need to be systematized?

Get my free Confident OBM Toolkit

These are the tools and tricks I’ve used to grow a successful online business. Yup – that’s right. I want you to enjoy your business as much as I do!



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