Happy Clients

Curious how working with Sarah as a strategic partner will impact your business in the long run? Read on to learn how past and current clients feel about working with the team at Sarah Noked OBM!

-Melissa Sandon,

—Lou Glendon,

—Susie Mordoh,

Kathryn Leslie“I was nervous to delegate to an OBM, but Sarah’s team has been amazing at implementing systems to make order from chaos. Emily supported me during a difficult experience with a subcontractor while I was away on vacation, and it was great to have someone to hand it off to.

After working with Emily for 3 months, my team is much more organised and I can see the path ahead more clearly. These ladies were so organised, lovely to work with, and really grew my confidence in my own management abilities!”

-Kathryn Leslie,

Helen Jacobs“The team at Sarah Noked OBM has run successful marketing campaigns for my business which has resulted in a huge increase of new clients, leads and sales. From setting up my email marketing and webinar automations to running successful FB Ads campaigns, they’ve taken this off my plate. On top of that, their transparency, problem-solving and responsiveness gives me comfort. I am happy to let them take the reigns”

—Meagan Wilson,

Helen Jacobs“I was nervous an outsider wouldn’t have the same passion and dedication to my business as I do.

I was totally wrong. Sarah’s team hit the ground running, rapidly got their heads around my business and goals, and were quick off the mark implementing new systems and procedures.

I love that they balance out my own tendencies, providing me with grounding, logic, and vision to see what I cannot. I feel more organised, capable, and able to achieve what I want to. They brought a new level of efficiency, strategy, clarity, and support I honestly didn’t think was possible, and made me accountable to things I would normally hide from. I’ve been so thrilled with my experience working with this team!!”

—Helen Jacobs,

Jenna Ward“I always knew delegating & automating was the way to build my freedom based business and Sarah’s team showed us some amazing strategies to practically begin doing this. They were super available and responsive. I felt supported by the speed of communication which, despite time zones, was super-fast!

Sarah taught us the value of pausing after a launch to reflect and assess. And her analysis of this information was super valuable! Sarah’s team is pro. They’ve been doing this a long time & have easy on-boarding & communication styles.”

—Jenna Ward,

Juli Scott“Since we started working with Sarah’s team we migrated from an outdated paper system to a secure, online membership website with an up-to-date members directory. It’s been a rewarding experience, we’ve accomplished so much and I always feel like our projects are a top priority.

—Juli Scott,

Cory Freitas“Before starting to work with Sarah Noked OBM I really didn’t understand the process or what exactly they could help me with. I’m so glad I started working with them anyway because they are continuously finding ways to streamline my business. They look at my business from an outside perspective which is really valuable to me. In addition, they keep me accountable!

I would definitely recommend Sarah Noked Online Business Management services, she is amazing and so is her team! They are always on top of projects and responsibilities, and knowledgeable in many fields. They keep coming up with new ideas that I know will help me grow my business and take me to the next level”

—Cory Freitas,

Monica GirardI really appreciate how you get things done in a thoughtful way. You offer solutions to problems as well as being proactive in solving problems on your own. It’s a pleasure to work with you and your team!”

—Monica Girard,

Nora DeBora“I am only 1.5 years into my business. I knew I always wanted to put my business online but was extremely overwhelmed and intimidated by what it took to make it successful. After working with Sarah and her team for 5 months, she’s proven to me that her team has everything under control. They have the expertise that allows me to step away from the back end of my online business and focus my time and energy on the front end of my business (continuing to connect and work directly with my clients to achieve optimal health!!)

I love knowing that back end of my website is thoroughly taken care of (especially since this is not my area of expertise), and the inspiring and motivating attitude Sarah and her team bring to everything they do

I would recommend this team in a heartbeat! I love female entrepreneurs supporting other female entrepreneurs. Sarah’s team is organized, professional, and I look forward to what the next year has to offer for both of us.”

—Nora DeBora,

Teresa ClevelandI appreciate the way that Sarah shows up in the world. It truly was the best use of my time with a coach/consultant in years. I was so relieved not to have to sit through a session of rah rah, fluff bullshit that left me beating my head on my keyboard. It was refreshing to interact with someone at her level of success who conducted themselves as a regular person and not some goddess, guru, better than the rest of humanity. I instantly felt that I was working with a colleague and that she was on my side, wanting me to succeed. I heartily recommend her services!”

—Teresa Cleveland,

Tamara“I had some hesitations about working with an OBM in the beginning. But Sarah was vetted by one of the top OBMs in the industry and I figured her team would be hand picked and just as professional as she is. And I was right. I love her team’s attention to detail and the energy and momentum that they bring to my projects. I feel like I really have a team behind me and can concentrate on my work while they do theirs brilliantly.

At this point, I’m ready to jump off the diving board into coaching with the confidence that everything is in place. And if I run into a problem, which I almost always do, I have Sarah and her team to work on it behind the scenes to sort everything out smoothly and efficiently.

I would recommend this team to anyone who has too much to do!”

—Tamara Mendelson,

Leah“My business has grown fast, but being a solo-preneur, I was always fearful of whether or not it was the right time to bring on a virtual assistant or more team members. Can I afford it? Is it the right use of my budget? Can this person really do a good job at everything that is only in my head?I don’t think you’re ever ready when it’s the first time. But all I can say is WOW, I’m glad I took the leap and just did it.

Sarah and her Team made the whole process easy to adjust to. Sarah immediately jumped into my business, put SOP’s in place, streamlined where I needed streamlining, and has now, for over a year been at my side as I’ve grown even further.

The relief to know that I have someone helping me, taking care of the things I think I should do (because I can) but really shouldn’t (because there are better uses for my time) has resulted in me being more focused, more productive, less stressed, and making more money.

Her Team can do pretty much anything and knowing she is there (even if I forget to send her things to do) makes my life sooo much easier. They put together my resource pages, proof-read all my auto-responder emails, and fancied up my most popular posts and blog series by making sure there was a related optin at the end of each and ensuring it was easy to find the other posts in the series.

There hasn’t been a task yet that I’ve given her Team that they weren’t able to complete (whether it be research, Ontraport, WordPress updates, analytics, sending emails). I can’t tell you what a relief it is not only having someone capable of nearly everything, but barely having to train them.

Her Team gets things without me having to explain, Sarah advises me on things I can do to improve my business, and she implements quickly, with great communication and a great attitude 🙂

I’m so grateful and thankful to have Sarah on my team.”

—Leah Kalamakis,

Kate Northrup“We really liked Sarah’s straight and to the point nature of communicating – no extra fluff – just focused and on track. She has a great mind for thinking in terms of systems, which was really helpful and we now have systems for many of the ongoing aspects of our business that we didn’t have before.

We’d highly recommend working with Sarah and her Team because they are organized, focused, and easy to work with.”

—Kate Northrup,

Farideh“I love that Sarah’s skills and experience complement my own. Plus, I love that as she learns and grows with her other clients I reap the benefits as she applies that learning to my business.

Not only does she have great “get it done” and organizational skills, she’s also fantastic at leveraging online systems to automate the process so I’m not paying someone when a piece of software can do it better and faster. She’s da bomb!”

—Farideh Ceasar,

jeffBefore working with Sarah and her team, I was drowning in projects and not able to keep up with the follow-ups (both work done by my team and the clients’ requests). I was inches away from losing some very key clients for the dumbest of reasons. Sarah immediately took charge.

Sarah’s calming voice and take charge attitude compliments my “no-filter” approach to managing clients. My clients appreciate my “this is what it is” approach and are now assured that my company is “playing the game right” as opposed to just being a freelancer jockeying for projects.

Without the help of Sarah and her team, I would simply be on the laptop 24/7.

— Jeff Mendelson,

reesecircle11-new“Sarah is one of the most driven and remarkable women I have ever met. She invests in her career by staying up-to-date on the most relevant training out there in order to deliver the very best to her clients. Sarah has passion that you can feel just by sitting next to her and it’s contagious. She’s funny, witty and isn’t afraid to roll up her sleeves and get her hands dirty with anything you throw her way.

With Sarah as your OBM, you’re getting a business partner. Someone to help propel your business forward in ways you could have only dreamed about.”

—Reese Ben-Yaacov,

Lisa-Bloom-newI am enormously impressed with her commitment and persistence to get excellent results. Sarah and her team are easy to work with, very personable, intent to deliver excellent service and with a creative approach.”

—Lisa Bloom,

Joyce-new“I’ve been working with Sarah and her team for a number of months now and she has brought huge value to my business. This is not my first experience working with an Online Business Manager or Virtual Assistant, but Sarah is so much more than that. She isn’t yet something else I have to take care of – she’s proactive, smart, quick and thorough, and she’s reduced my workload rather than adding to it. She makes great suggestions, and has rapidly become a support and sounding board for me, and not just someone I give business tasks to. She actually thinks about how my business could grow and how she can support that process, rather than it just being about a series of tasks.

As you’d expect, her Team iss tech savvy, great with social media, detail-oriented and manages sub-suppliers on my behalf – but these aren’t the things that make her online business management unique. That’s down to business acumen, great interpersonal skills, and a capacity for strategic thinking.

I sort of want to keep her as my own secret – but meantime, I guess the generous thing to do is to tell everyone how great she is. She’s worth every cent!”

—Joyce Campbell,

tanyacircle-new“Working with Sarah’s team is such a delight! They’re enthusiastic, dedicated, willing to take the initiative to move a project along, highly responsive, skilled and thorough in their work.

—Tanya Elfersy,

annette-saldana1-new“Sarah is like a polished pearl in a sea of tar, truly a gem. She’s got amazing communication skills and brings an extraordinary level of integrity to her work. She quickly jumped on the team and makes it easier for us to shine and have world-changing conversations, one person at a time.”

—Annette Saldana,

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