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I teach corporate 9-5ers, Online Business Managers (OBM), and Online Service Professionals the proven strategies and systems for scaling a thriving online business.

I’ll help you gain the skills to find solid clients, turn your natural talents into a meaningful business, and grow the confidence that will empower you to live life by your own design.

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About Sarah Noked

Sarah is the founder of OBM School, and CEO of Sarah Noked OBM. Over the last decade she has grown from a VA solopreneur to an Online Business Manager and trainer.

Named by Yahoo as one of the world’s top 10 Online Business Managers to watch in 2021, Sarah is a leading authority and educator in the online space. She’s trained hundreds of students worldwide to grow sustainable and profitable businesses that run on streamlined systems and teams.

Sarah is committed to arming each one of her students with the tools to turn their natural talents into a meaningful business. The OBM School Certification program is by application only and currently the only way to get access to in-demand, hot seat coaching from Sarah.

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The OBM School Certification Program gives you the advanced skills, credentials and confidence to start & run a profitable business.

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