Growing a team has taken me from a boot-strapping solopreneur to an agency-leading CEO.

In the early days of my business, everything rested on my shoulders. I had no team, a lot of thoughts around growing a team, and a full-on roster of clients. I wanted to be proactive but feared that my ability was going to slip out of my reach. Complete overwhelm was a just over the horizon and ironically, this is just the thing clients hire me for. Why is it that the cobbler’s kids have no shoes?!

Resistance was in full effect. Even though I knew I needed a team, I was scared. After making a list of what my business goals were, I realized that they were unattainable on my own.

If you are considering growing your team but are not sure how, consider these three pillars:

Brain Trust

There are many reasons to hire. Even for those who have it all under control, you need people you trust to bounce ideas off of. Businesses are ever-evolving entities and adaptation is constant. Talking it out with your pet/spouse/mom is therapeutic, but it’s not the kind of support you need to grow your business. It’s not going to have the result you’re seeking,


**Clears throat**- it’s no secret that I am high on the Kolbe A quick-start, bursting with ideas that would inspire a sloth to run a 5K, but so low on the follow through that likely that sloth would be distracted by a bright shiny object before the race was even done. Surrounding myself with team members who compliment my personality keep my business moving in the right direction. (Tweet it!)

I built Team Growth Formula to help business owners understand when, who, and how to hire. I have many tips and tricks to help you get the right team member the first time. These include, leveraging personality tests, systems for hiring & onboarding, and a whole load of done-for-you, take-it-and-run SOPs.

Working from home is nothing short of a sweet gig, but it can be lonely. I work well in solitude, to a point.

Even though we work virtually, I know that Galia goes sailing on the weekends and cows occasionally chase Rafi during his morning runs. We have an ongoing GIF war in our team chat where we expect everyone to ‘bring the funny’.


…we are human after all

Now over to you: How do you feel about hiring? Do you have a team member that you can’t live without? Share with the rest of us in the comments below!


Give Your Clients the Confidence They Made The Right Choice…

Finally! My done-for-you Client Onboarding Kit

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