Our working landscape has changed SO drastically over the last year. The good news is that with an increasingly desperate need for online support professionals, Online Business Managers are more in-demand than ever. But naturally, as the role has become more popular, along with that popularity comes a higher volume of myths about OBMs that start to circulate!

If you’re considering a change of career from corporate to become an OBM, or starting to get serious about making your side-hustle a full time thing, I want you to be as informed as possible on what being an OBM is all about, but also what it ISN’T.

So it’s time to bust the hell out of some common myths about OBMs once and for all! Let’s do this!

5 common myths about OBMs busted! 


Myth #1: OBMs are implementers and take direction from the business owner

Truth: OBMs are not implementers. They are high level leaders!

This is one of the key differentiators between an Online Business Manager and a Virtual Assistant. Both play an essential role in forming a fully functional, scalable business. However, OBMs are involved more in strategy, management, and thinking about the bigger picture, as opposed to being an implementer like a VA is.

Myth #2: OBMs can’t fill an operations role in a client’s business

Truth: Operations management one of the defining roles an OBM can take on in a client’s business! This is especially common for Certified OBMs®, as they undergo extensive training in key management disciplines, such as: operations management, launch management, team management, metrics management, and more!

Ultimately, the OBMs role is to allow the CEO to step away, so that they can work on developing their biz & concentrate on revenue-generating activities. So taking over on the operations front plays a big part in how OBMs free up the business owner.

Myth #3: You can’t make a stable income as an OBM

Truth: Uh, hello! Totally not true. I’ve built a multi-6-figure business as a Certified OBM®!

Yes, OBMs work with a smaller range of clients (typically 3-4 unlike a VA, who would work with 5-10). But as these clients are of a higher calibre, and because OBMs bring such HUGE value to a business’ bottom line, the high rates they’re able to charge reflect this.

Of course, the rates you can charge as an OBM differ from person to person. And Certified OBM®s typically charge higher, as they are regulated by high professional industry standards set by the International Association of Online Business Managers (IAOBM).

Starting rates for a non-Certified OBM begin at around $50 an hour. For newly Certified OBMs®, this jumps to anywhere between $1750-2500 for a standard 20-hour/month client retainer package. But it doesn’t stop there! I have Certified OBM graduates, like LaToya Russell, who as an experienced Certified OBM charges in excess of $120/hr for her services. Hell yeah!!

Myth #4: OBMs aren’t strategic thinkers and don’t have the training to be strategic partners in a client’s business

Truth: OBMs are deeply involved in every facet of a client’s business, including bigger-picture strategy.

An OBM stands at the forefront of a client’s business, alongside the entrepreneur themselves. Their expertise and value lies in their ability to be a strategic partner to the business owner, as well as being the buffer between the client and their team.

I’ve trained OBMs who now run thriving businesses with a focus on being a strategic expert (like Rachel Aiken, for example). They swoop in, give the client their expertise on a VIP strategy session, and then form a 90-day plan in collaboration with the business owner in order to streamline their business. This is also something ALL Certified OBMs® train intensively on in the Certification program.

Myth #5: OBMs aren’t equipped to take on the responsibilities in multi-6 and 7 figure businesses.

Truth: Of course, an OBM who is just starting out won’t be ready to dive straight into working with the 7 figure bigwigs. But that doesn’t mean that no OBM is ready to work with that kind of client.

It’s all about finding the right client at each stage of your OBM journey. New OBMs are better off working with what I like to call “Stepping Stone Clients”. These are clients who have successful businesses, but are very much still in the growth stage. This is the perfect fit for a new OBM who is growing their skillset and finding their feet.

As for Certified OBMs®? Hell yeah they can work with 7 figure clients! The main reason why the Certification program exists is to help experienced VAs and OBMs to level-up and work with these kinds of top-tier clients.

By having the right training, and being able to deliver your clients real results that prove your value, you’ll have no problem working with high-hitting clients with 7-figure businesses. I did it when I was an active Certified OBM®, and I’ve trained hundreds of OBMs who work with these clients too!

Myths about OBMs debunked

OBMs are high-level strategic thinkers who have the capacity to take on a prominent leadership role in a client’s business. They act as a partner to the client, providing support across key areas of the business like operations, strategy, systems, team management, and more!

When it comes to being a Certified OBM®, that’s where your value and your rates really shoot through the roof. Not only in terms of the expert skill set you’re able to bring to your clients business, but also the value you deliver to your client by fully taking over the business operations. This is what will allow your client to stop wearing all the hats in their business, take a well-needed break, and focus on the revenue-generating activities that will take their business growth to that next level.

Want to learn how you can become a Certified OBM®? Head here to discover more. This October is your final chance to get in for exam week in January, meaning you could have a bigger and better business to kick off 2021 and make that YOUR year!

Now over to you: What other potential myths have you heard about OBMs and what we do? Tell me in the comments and let’s bust ’em! 


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