Creating a top notch client onboarding experience is the key to demonstrating your value early on in a working relationship. But what really makes a great client onboarding experience? And what should you include in your process? Let’s dive in!

Let me tell you a little story about when I first started working online. I’d finally built up the courage to leave my job as a corporate business development manager, and I’d started working as a freelance virtual assistant. I was totally new to the online space, and naturally, my focus was on landing as many clients as I could (mama had bills to pay, after all!).

I didn’t have any official onboarding process for new clients. I’d hop on a call with them, talk about the services I offered, send over a contract, and get straight to work. The process worked ok, and so I never thought of changing it – the old, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” philosophy.

But then I landed my biggest client EVER – a “7-figure bigwig” with a booming business… That’s when I realised there was a HUGE flaw in my process (or lack of!).

All of a sudden, I was getting urgent requests at 10pm to my cell. They expected me to go above and beyond my contracted hours, without prior notice. And I was expected to do management-style tasks that weren’t within my role.

I’d unwittingly bought a one-way ticket to business burnout. I found myself working late into the night, feeling resentment for the client because of how hard they were pushing me, and being p*ssed off at myself for not setting boundaries early on.

If I’d have had a buttoned-up client onboarding process in place, ALL of that could have been avoided.

Taking time to properly onboard a new client is an important part of the initial service experience that can easily be overlooked. It’s crucial when it comes to setting client expectations, eliminating overwhelm, and having your clients raving about you and your amazing services to their friends and colleagues.

That’s why in this video, I’m revealing my “6 Simple Steps for a Seamless Client Onboarding Experience”. You’ll discover:

  • What a client onboarding process is (plus how to get started with building out yours)
  • The 6 most important elements every client onboarding process should contain
  • How to personalize your onboarding process to give clients a white-glove experience
  • Why having a killer client onboarding experience is the key to differentiating yourself from your competitors (and leaving a positive lasting impression!)

Click on the preview below to watch now:

Here’s a rundown of what I cover in this video:

  • [00:00:35] Special Event for Online Service Providers: OBM Week
  • [00:01:10] What a Client Onboarding Experience is & Why It’s SO Important
  • [00:02:42] Step 1: Personalized Welcome
  • [00:04:43] Step 2: Collecting & Auditing
  • [00:06:31] Step 3: Creating a Plan
  • [00:09:11] Step 4: Communications
  • [00:11:02] Step 5: Client Check-Ins
  • [00:12:43] Step 6: Refining & Improving Onboarding Systems

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