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Streamlining my Online Business Management package and nailing down my key offerings was one of the choices I made that had a powerful impact on my business.

It was a total game-changer for my OBM biz. A pivotal moment that I look back on and think “why the HECK didn’t I do that sooner?!”.

When I was starting out as an OBM, I was a “yes” woman. I believed that I had to be everything to every client in order for them to want to work with me.  But the truth about being a “yes” woman is… it’s actually offputting to potential clients.

Too much choice is actually a BAD thing. In fact, it’s been scientifically proven!

Think back to the age-old jam store experiment – too many flavours on offer, and most people won’t take the decision to buy. However… offer 6 well-put-together, mouth-watering flavours, and people are actually ten times more likely to jump at purchasing.

The same principal applies to your OBM package. When first starting out, it’s easy to offer every service under the sun to potential clients. But if you can help everybody, you’re suddenly competing with every other OBM who claims to do the same… and in the end you’ll only be competing on price – which you’ll never win without selling yourself short.

On the flip side, if you offer only the things you know how to do, are good at, and like doing, rather than offering EVERYTHING you think people will want, then both you and your clients will always be happy.

Let’s dive into the 7 key services you can offer as part of your Online Business Management package, so that you can better serve your clients, and create an irresistible OBM package.

7 key services you can offer in your Online Business Management package

Project Management

Often entrepreneurs end up wearing all the hats in their business, including managing all the parts of pieces of their projects. Online Business Managers can step into a client’s business as a project manager, allowing the client to take a step back and focus on being a visionary leader!

This can include things like making sure all project deliverables are achieved in a timely manner, co-ordinating contractors, and ensuring the project timeline and budget stays on track.

Team Management & Recruiting

In addition to project management, one of the more common reasons a client may enlist the help of an OBM is to manage their team and help recruit new hires.

As I always say – OBMs make sure the right things get done by the right people, in the right way, at the right time.

Back when I was an active OBM, a large part of my day involved checking in with my client’s team. I’d also make sure they had everything they needed to stay on track with their tasks.

Coming in to manage the team takes a HUGE weight off the business owner’s shoulders. It allows them to focus on generating revenue, rather than keeping the wheels turning.

OBMs also identify the need to fill certain roles within the business after auditing projects and wider goals. We then hire the relevant contractors or team members on behalf of the client as necessary.

Operations Management

Many business owners get so caught up in the day-to-day firefighting of getting sh*t done, that they aren’t paying attention to how efficient they or their team are being.

Part of your OBM package can include auditing a client’s business. You might review the key systems already in place, or creating processes or Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) so that the business runs more efficiently. It’s all about doing your due diligence from Day 1 to get the best outcome for your client.

Systems Building

Arguably one of the most lucrative services you can offer in your Online Business Management package is systems setups. They are SO valuable to a business owner’s bottom line. They save TONS of time, money, and effort in the long haul.

That’s why there’s a huge demand for OBMs to swoop into a business and start systematizing! Because let’s face it – systems are NOT sexy. Many business owners, especially those coming from a brick-and-mortar business background, find it hard to wrap their heads around systems and automation. They need the tech expertize an OBM brings to the table.

Some of the OBMs I’ve trained offer only systems packages for their clients. They go in and audit the business, create SOPs and processes, and set up the relevant automations so that the business runs like clockwork. This can include client onboarding systems, follow-up email automations, content creation, new hire onboarding systems – all that good stuff!

Monitoring Metrics & Analysis

Managing and analyzing metrics is crucial for understanding what is and isn’t working in a business. It’s SO important for driving improvement, keeping the business moving in the right direction, and concentrating efforts on what’s important.

You can offer metrics reporting and analysis within your Online Business Management package. For example, in addition to setting up automations for your client, you could also offer to compile metrics reports that show how effectively your systems setups are working.

You can help the business owner track key statistics within the business, discuss any findings and trends, and make suggestions for the future. It’s this approach that will help your client scale their business optimally and efficiently.

Launch Management

Businesses need to strategically plan product or service launches way ahead of the launch date. A successful product launch requires carefully  coordinated efforts of the team and any contractors. This is where you can work your magic as an OBM!

OBMs can help business owners to see through a launch from start to finish. We can help strategize and brainstorm ideas with the business owner, before delegating out responsibilities to the team or to contractors, and seeing the launch right through to the finish!

VIP Strategy Days

A VIP Strategy Day is a high-ticket offering that you can include as part of your Online Business Management package. It’s where you work together 1:1 on with the client on what’s most important for their business.

VIP strategy days are a great way to accelerate the growth of your business, by helping you get exposure with more clients and in turn, make more money! Together you can work on building out a personalized step-by-step plan for the client, on how they can achieve their goals and supercharge their biz.

You might work on specific goals for the next 30 days, for the quarter ahead, or even create a roadmap for the next year. What’s important here is listening to the client and tailoring the strategy to their unique needs.

Creating your OBM Package

Every Online Business Management comes from a different background, which means each of us has a different area of expertize to bring to the table.

The examples I’ve listed here are some of the main services you can offer to your clients, however there is SO much more value that us OBMs can bring to the table and offer our clients.

When thinking about building out your OBM package, it’s important to think about the key components. Where your expertise lies, what you enjoy doing, and how you’ll give the most value to your clients. If you lead with those, and bags of confidence, the OBM world is your oyster!

Now over to you: What services do you offer your OBM clients? And what is it you do that brings the most value to your clients? Share your answers in the comments below!