Ditching your morning commute to the office for a trip to your kitchen coffee machine (or the couch!) is a dream that many aspire to. But how exactly can you make a successful ​​transition from 9-5 to OBM, without compromising your financial security? Read on to find out.

Want to know what the #1 barrier is that stops people from building a business that allows them to live a life of their choosing?


I see it time and time again. And I know the feeling all too well.

It took me two years to find the courage to break free from my corporate job – WAY longer than most freelancers. I was thrilled at the prospect of living life by my own design, but scared to pursue my dream.

What if I failed? What if I wasn’t good enough? Or what if I couldn’t find clients? I was super nervous about making the jump.

Looking back, I can safely say I wouldn’t trade my OBM business for the world. There’s no better feeling than being able to live and work on your own terms. However, going solo does require some careful thought and planning to ensure a successful, stress-free transition.

But one of the best things about pivoting to a career as an Online Business Manager? You can leverage SO many skills from your corporate past to quickly gain momentum in the role.

That’s why I created this video, “9-5 to OBM: 4 Transferable Skills You Should Leverage”. I’ll share with you the exact skills I leveraged to successfully switch from my corporate 9-5 to OBM business owner.

Watch now and you’ll discover:

  • The 4 key skills you can leverage in order to transfer from corporate employee to freelancer with ease
  • How to make a successful transition from 9-5 to OBM without compromising your financial security
  • The tips I WISH I’d known when I started my own online business
  • PLUS my most valuable free resource for getting started with online work

Click on the preview below to watch now:

Here’s a rundown of what I cover in this video:

  • [02:12] Tip #1: Transferable Skills
  • [02:35] Transferable Skill #1: Communication
  • [04:33] Transferable Skill #2: Project Management
  • [06:30] Transferable Skill #3: Technology
  • [09:04] Transferable Skill #4: Systems
  • [11:20] Tip #2: Create A Financial Plan
  • [12:59] Financial Planning #1: A Customizable Plan
  • [13:28] Financial Planning #2: Making Financial Sacrifices
  • [14:04] Financial Planning #3: Leverage Connections from Corporate

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