Meet Jenny Kavanagh, the Accredited Online Business Manager who turned her transferable corporate skills into a successful online career. In her corporate role as an Administrative Assistant, she had a feeling her role would ultimately be downsized and so she started a Virtual Assistant business on the side. Was that ever a good call!

Flash forward a few months and Jenny discovered my YouTube channel and the OBM role.She immediately realized that her transferable skills were more aligned with Online Business Management.

Jenny completed her OBM Accreditation in 2023 and since then her business has exploded with leads coming exclusively from finding her on the Accredited OBM Directory.

The icing of this interview was that In just six months, she made more money than she did ALL OF LAST YEAR!

Her advice: Follow your intuition and gut feeling, even if you’re scared or doubtful.

Watch it now and you’ll discover:

  • Jenny’s journey from a corporate Administrative Assistant to Accredited Online Business Manager
  • How she realized she was an OBM in disguise
  • Where her quality leads are coming from
  • Advice for anyone thinking of becoming an OBM

Click on the preview below to watch now:

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