Meet Oyin Malomo, a remarkable Accredited Online Business Manager (OBM) who pulls back the curtain on what a day in the life of an OBM in Nigeria looks like, the transformational journey that she took to get there, and how she is now using her position to inspire those around her.

Like many OBMs, at the beginning of her journey, Oyin really had no clue what she was capable of and just how much power she had over her life. All she knew was that she wanted more for herself and that she needed a way to make that happen. Eventually her drive brought her to the OBM Accreditation, the program that helped her unleash her potential and get to a place in life that she never imagined.

She shares, “You never know what one decision can do for you – and this one decision can change your life entirely.”

Now, after a year of being an Accredited OBM, Oyin reflects on how drastically her life – and perspective – has changed.

“Where I come from you go to school, you graduate, and if you are lucky enough you might find a man who will marry you and take care of you. That was not what I wanted for myself. I wanted more, but I didn’t even know what that might look like – and I certainly didn’t imagine that it would be having three incredible clients overseas who I love.”

Oyin goes on to share that it was during her Accreditation training that she realized, your success is not dictated by where you come from, or what your background is – what matters is the value you bring to the client.

“Today I make 10 times what I was charging as a VA and am working LESS hours which is just unbelievable”

It is this mindset shift combined with her innate sense of drive and aspiration, that helped her find success as an OBM. But her story doesn’t stop there. She now inspires other women and even children in Nigeria to follow in her footsteps – elevating her position as an OBM to show others that they can add meaning to their lives and build a life of abundance by walking the path less traveled.

The freedom I now have in my schedule allows me to spend time volunteering with secondary schools and just talk to them – just help them understand that you can do more, and it doesn’t matter if you have anyone supporting you, you can do something for yourself. That’s my major drive.

So get ready to explore these elements deeper as you dive into this “Day in the Life of an OBM” interview with Oyin where we discuss:

  • The impact that her drive and courage has had on her entire community in Nigeria.
  • The pivotal mindset shifts that she experienced during her time inside of OBM School and how “the community alone is worth the entire price of the Accreditation”.
  • How becoming an OBM has transformed her life and has given her the freedom to be there for the people she loves.
  • Her unique journey of leveraging her background in physics to elevate her OBM career and naturally identify her OBM niche.

Click on the preview below to watch now:

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