Now, if you’re familiar with my journey, when I set out I was all for the solo-OBM journey. It was only over time and necessity (3 babies and 3 mat leaves) when I grew to appreciate all that team brings to the table and how it really is the key to gaining the freedom and work/life balance being your own boss is all about.

Because as you build a team around your OBM services you can move into doing less of the day to day tasks…yes, that means letting go so your team does them…!

And you get to focus on doing the work that you really enjoy, that lights you up and gets you jumping out of bed each morning, just like Priscilla Green, an Accredited OBM who joined the OBM Accreditation program last year and since then has steadily grown her OBM agency.

5 years ago, Priscilla left her corporate career and now, as an Accredited OBM she has 4 team members (and growing) who help her deliver what her 10 clients need. Her business has grown steadily and at the time of recording her Day In The Life Interview, Priscilla was bringing on an Operations Assistant.

The most exciting part of the interview was when Priscilla told me her growing agency brings in as much revenue in two months as she earned in 12 months in her 9-5 corporate role!

One of the key stats we look at is the student ROI for OBM Accreditation…

And on average students see 5-10x ROI on their investment!

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Priscilla’s Day In The Life interview is packed with so many juicy nuggets! These are just a few of the topics I really loved chatting with Priscilla about:

  • What helped Priscilla make the shift from corporate to Accredited OBM
  • How Priscilla works with her team to manage 10 clients
  • The rewards of paying it forward when you find amazing team members
  • What Priscilla’s OBM Accreditation means to her clients
  • How you can ‘blow the cap’ off your earning potential

Watch this inspiring ‘Day in the Life’ conversation with Priscilla here:

Click on the preview below to watch now:

Here’s a rundown of what I cover in this video:

[00:30] Priscilla’s career life before becoming an OBM
[01:18] From a corporate job to becoming a VA
[07:13] Project Management Software Priscilla is using
[08:35] What does the rest of the day of Priscilla look like
[10:19] Working with 10 clients and with amazing team members
[15:00] Words of wisdom to somebody who wanted to become an OBM
[17:22] Unique element that Priscilla brings to her clients as an OBM
[21:37] Financial Freedom

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