Meet Sandy Lewis, a remarkable Accredited Online Business Manager (OBM) who pulls back the curtain on what a day in the life of an OBM looks like plus what opportunities this professional shift has given her as an individual and a mother.

“The best person to bet on is always yourself. It is up to you. We can all make it, there’s enough opportunity out there for all of us, so just take the leap.”

It is this can-do mindset that allowed Sandy to literally take the leap out of her long-standing corporate career and into the online world after facing months of unexpected company shut-downs. After working as a Virtual Assistant for a short time Sandy stumbled upon OBM School and realized that maybe she could grow even MORE because she was already doing a lot of OBM work – on a VA’s salary.

“After researching a little about OBMs and talking with Sarah, I realized that hey, I do a lot of these OBM things so maybe this is where I need to be – and yup, I was right, it just felt so natural.”

It was this journey of escaping the instability of corporate America, to jumping into the online world as a Virtual Assistant, to finding her place as an OBM that transformed her professional life in a way that she never imagined.

“I know a new kind of fulfillment now. As an OBM I know that my clients appreciate my work, they come to ME to ask for advice, and I know that my opinion matters. And what’s more is that I know each and every day that I am not only helping my client’s dreams come true but also their clients. Each day is different, fun, and so rewarding.”

Finding enjoyment in our work is something we all strive for, but the cherry on top of all of that is when the work that we LOVE also gives us FREEDOM. And that is exactly what Sandy has captured as an OBM as her confidence and success overflows into her personal life.

“After finishing the Accreditation program, I have doubled in just one quarter what I made all of last year. And this is just by working with a few solid OBM clients on a schedule that works for both of us. Being an OBM has allowed me to create the space to be a better mom for my kids, give them opportunities that I didn’t have, and show up for myself. I am just so much happier now than I was.”

Sandy’s story has SO much to offer. Whether you are looking for a reliable way to leave your corporate career, are looking to level up as a Virtual Assistant, or just want to learn more about what it is like to be an Online Business Manager, you definitely need to dive into Sandy’s full “Day in the Life of an OBM” story where she talks about…

  • Overcoming her fears of transitioning into the online world after working in corporate for so long.
  • The transferable skills that she has leveraged from her professional and personal background to become a leader in her niche.
  • Her unique opportunity to work with in-person clients rather than solely virtual ones.
  • How OBM School helped power her skills, confidence, and professional community
  • The in’s and out’s of growing her team and how this has skyrocketed her business to new heights
  • And much, much more

Click on the preview below to watch now:

If you are feeling ready to take charge of your life and transform your story as an Accredited OBM like Sandy, you can follow this link to discover how OBM school can help!

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