In this inspiring interview, meet Sowmya Vemireddy – a former computer science engineer with an MBA and a corporate background who made the bold decision to pursue a more balanced family life. Sowmya shares how she transformed her career and found higher-level impact by becoming an Online Business Manager (OBM).

With the skills she gained from the OBM Accreditation program, Sowmya now works just 4-5 hours a day, 3-4 days a week, giving her the flexibility she needs to balance her family life while still growing her business. She shares how landing her first OBM client was a game-changer, and how the OBM Skills Projects she completed during the program have helped her to deliver streamlined systems and processes for her clients.

Sowmya’s journey shows that it’s possible to have both a fulfilling career and a balanced family life. If you’re considering a career change or looking to take your business to the next level, this interview is a must-watch!

Watch it now and you’ll discover:

  • Sowmya’s journey from corporate life to becoming an OBM
  • A glimpse into Sowmya’s daily routine as an OBM
  • The benefits of the OBM Accreditation program for Sowmya’s OBM career
  • The technical knowledge required for OBMs to excel in their field
  • What is Sowmya’s stepping stone client and other clients like

Click on the preview below to watch now:

Here’s a rundown of what I cover in this video:
[01:00] Sowmya’s life as an OBM
[03:13] How she landed her first client
[09:16] How much techs do OBMs need to know
[11:42] What her first “stepping stone” client looked like
[17:29] Great advice to aspiring OBMs

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