Attention Online Support Professionals. Virtual Assistants and 9-5 corporate hustlers:

Let Me Show You How to Get High-Paying Clients in 6 Weeks or Less

(Even if you're just starting out online!)

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If you’re a Virtual Assistant who's working way too many hours for not enough money...

...or a business professional who's ready to make the shift out of a 9-5 to the online world

...make your "side biz" your main thing and live life on your own terms...

...or you're just getting started in the online space and want a proven blueprint for success...

Here's how you can land your first OBM clients in just a few short weeks.


The Confident OBM™ Accelerator

The comprehensive course to start and launch your OBM business, score high-paying clients, and gain the confidence to set yourself on the path to success.

There’s a reason I call it “Confident OBM™”

Confidence. When you’ve got it, the world is your oyster.

You can charge the prices you want without blinking.

You can choose the clients you want to work with.

You can make your own schedule, knowing that you’ll never lack for work because your clients LOVE you.

But here’s the tricky thing about confidence….you can’t really just “fake it until you make it” like all the gurus say you can.

Clients want results. And if you’re just starting to make that transition from VA to OBM (or from day job to OBM)...

You might not have the confidence that you can get them the results they want.

THIS is what stops so many potentially awesome OBMs from making the leap.

I see it time and time again…

Professionals who are desperate to QUIT their jobs but are worried about their financial security

Freelancers who are giving SO MUCH to their clients but aren’t making what they need to be

And OBMs who want to get started and quickly build momentum in the online space without having to reinvent the wheel.

I've been there! 

When I first started out, hustling in corporate was my reality. But by the time I had my first baby on the way, I realised this was totally unsustainable as part of the vision I had for the future of my growing family. 

I was overworked. I was overtired. And I was totally OVER IT!

After discovering the potential in online business, I started up my side-hustle as a Virtual Assistant. I was a do-er, a yes woman and I was going above and beyond for my clients. But that was the problem... 

I didn’t realise my worth. I was working 24/7 alongside my corporate job. And I didn’t have the confidence to grow into a bigger role or negotiate with my clients for the retainer fees that I deserved. I knew I needed to break out of corporate once and for all and turn my side-hustle into a full-time biz. But I kept asking myself -  “Where the hell do I start?!”

That’s when I realized - I was already working a bigger role! And that role was being an Online Business Manager. I just needed to figure out how to be assertive enough to OWN IT (and take my business seriously enough to make growing it a priority).

Fast forward to now...

Becoming a successful OBM is just one of my achievements. Over the last decade I've also:

Grown my own Online Business Management agency (with a team of Confident OBMs)

Scaled a multi-6 figure business

 Trained hundreds of women and taught them the tools to build and scale their own successful online businesses

And I achieved all that while maintaining the freedom to live life by my own design (with 3 small children in tow).

So I know what it’s like when you don’t have the confidence YET to land those high-paying OBM clients with big teams and 7-figure incomes.

That doesn’t mean you won’t get just means you need to get some reps in first.

And looking back on my own journey, I realized something important.

Not just important...this revelation had the potential to change the future for so many VAs and aspiring OBMs out there.

The secret sauce?

Choosing the RIGHT type of client for the stage you’re in right now.

3 Types of Small Biz Clients
Type #1
"No Money Marys"

These clients might think of you like a vendor at a flea market. They’ll negotiate your prices left, right and center.

Typically, they’re solopreneurs or own small start-up businesses. Their budget is small and they’ll likely try to squeeze every dime they spend for what it’s worth. 

You might have to spend time navigating difficult discussions on how these biz owners can’t have their whole list of ‘must-haves’ within their already stretched budget.

You risk positioning yourself WAY below your worth. You may end up wasting valuable time working too much in proportion to what you’re being paid. Or you risk compromising the quality of your work by condensing your tasks into smaller time frames just so you can earn what you need to.

Type #2
“7-Figure Bigwigs”

On the other hand, these bigwigs have enough cash to do EVERYTHING they want (including pay YOU).

As a result, they don’t spend much time going into the smaller details of their biz. They’re too busy taking vacations in Fiji, networking across the globe and landing new million-dollar contracts every day.

These guys are wise, confident, and have TONS of experience navigating the biz world. They need someone who is ready to take full control of their business, its daily operations, and their team.

They’re busy thinking about the bigger picture. That’s why they need a strong leader who’s gonna deliver world-class results and provide proven strategies for growth.

They will need someone with tons of experience and a track record of proven results as an OBM. They will need YOU... just not yet.

Type #3
“Stepping Stone Clients”

Type #3 is the GOLDILOCKS sweet spot for anyone who’s getting started as an OBM.

I call them “Stepping Stone Clients.”

Stepping stone clients usually don’t have a big team yet.

They’ve been wearing all the hats in their business so far but they know their time is better spent on higher leverage things…

And they’ve usually hit a revenue ceiling because they’re so busy doing everything themselves...

For these clients?
You can be their Savior.

Stepping Stone Clients won't demand your blood, sweat and tears from Day 1.

These are the clients who are going to grow WITH you.

Because that’s what they really need.

Someone who can grow with them… Someone who can do some of the everyday VA tasks... But ALSO someone who can think about the bigger strategic picture of their business.

And the best part? There are SO MANY of these Stepping Stone Clients out there...just waiting for someone like you to come along and help them grow!

In just 6 short weeks, you’ll be armed with everything you need to confidently kickstart your OBM biz and land your first paying clients, including:

  • Learning my proven strategies for kick-starting a successful career as a Confident OBM 
  • Leveraging your existing skillset as a corporate professional or VA and transform those skills into a profitable online business
  • Finding the right first clients as an OBM and make them sing your praises because you ROCK
  • Building the confidence to OWN your role and start charging what you’re really worth
  • Gaining the freedom and flexibility to design the life you want, whether that’s working from your lounger on the beach or being available when your kids get home from school

This program is for you if:

You're an amazing VA who’s ready to take the next step in your career. You’re ready to stop feeling capped at a $25/hour income and by how many clients you can reasonably have in your schedule at one time.
You're a corporate hustler who’s tired of your 9-5 compromising your flexibility. You want to be your own boss, live life on your own terms and start a business that fits around your lifestyle. But you need help starting out and getting experience in ‘virtual’ work.
You're a business professional who wants to leverage your existing skill set and start your own profitable OBM biz. You want to gain the confidence and expertise needed to prove (and charge!) your worth with your first clients.
This program is not for you if :


You're looking for overnight success. There’s no ‘get rich quick’ way in to becoming an entrepreneur. You have to be prepared to put in work to see results.


You’re already an amazing OBM killing it for your clients and well on your way to scaling a multi-6 figure agency.

You’re not interested in landing high-paying clients, having the ability to manage your own time (like picking your kids up from school every day) or being able to go on a beach break whenever you want.
Don’t just take my word for it - Here’s a handful of the incredible results my Confident OBMs have achieved:
I doubled my income AND work less hours!”

"Before the program I didn't feel comfortable calling myself an OBM. Yes, I have been in a few systems and played around but I was not comfortable with SOPs, how to market my site or social media as an OBM, and more.
After enrolling in the Accelerator program, I doubled my income and am currently making what I made at my full-time job with just 1 OBM client and 2 social media management clients, while working even less hours!"

- Ashley Havacker, Confident OBM™ Accelerator Grad
“I'm now confidently charging high prices”

"I doubted my abilities and knowledge as an OBM. Thanks to this training, I am more confident in charging higher prices and I’m confident in my capabilities to serve my client at the highest level of service.
Through this program, I've gained clarity that being an OBM is exactly what I should be doing. Since joining the Accelerator program, I wanted more so now I’ve signed up for the OBM Certification Program!”

- Charlene Labean Confident OBM™ Accelerator Grad
"My systems set up and the program is paid for with my first client!"

“Moving through the modules has been a helpful process for being thorough in my OBM Biz setup.
The big win? My systems setup has already been paid for with my first client! So has the cost of this program! Now to snag another client!"

- Katie, Confident OBM Accelerator™ Grad
“I have way more confidence in myself and what I can do to help my clients”

“Everything is so much clearer now since I’ve gone through the program. It’s exactly what I needed to get moving on my OBM journey!
The training materials, along with the support and the energy that Sarah brings is awesome. I have way more confidence in what I know and what I can do to help my clients.”

- Lorrie Richards, Confident OBM™ Accelerator Grad

You know it’s time to get serious about this “work from home/online business” thing.

You’ve probably imagined what would happen if you could consistently make the money you want by doing a job you love (sometimes in your PJs if that’s your jam!).

Maybe you’re a Virtual Assistant right now who’s working eleventy-hundred hours and charging $25/hour and it’s just not enough...

Maybe you’re aiming to replace your 9-5 salary before you make the leap but you’re not sure how to make the math work…

Or maybe you’re really interested in starting a solo business, but you’ve only ever worked for a corporate employer and you aren’t sure how to start out getting experience with ‘virtual’ work.

If any of this sounds like you...then you’re like so many of the Virtual Assistants and Online Business Managers that I work with.

You likely have a vision of what you want, but you’re missing the one key element that I’ve seen make or break your success...

Here’s what’s inside The Confident OBM™ Accelerator: 
Module 1 
Confident OBM™ Essentials 

This is where you’ll set those solid foundations in place to ensure your success as a Confident OBM™.

You’ll be clear on the tools you need in order to start up your solo career as an OBM. You’ll also know exactly how to use those tools to set up strong foundations within your OBM biz. 

How it all breaks down:

  • Your Space Matters - my best tips for setting up your work-at-home space (even if you have kids underfoot or a small house!)
  • Bulletproof Your Biz - learn how to cover your butt and protect yourself on the legal side with my plug-in and play contract for you to use with your Stepping Stone Clients.
  • Tools of the OBM Trade - the equipment you actually NEED to set up for success (aside from a hot cup of coffee or tea!)
  • Your Tech Stack - master the tech tools you need to run a tight ship in the online space (e.g. Video Conferencing, Customer Resource Management software, Project Management tools, etc.)
  • Learning the lingo - my OBM Cheat Sheets that will get you grasping industry terminology in a hot minute. 
Module 2
Confident OBM™ Planning

Now that your foundations are in place, it’s time to create your master plan. 

This module is all about making a seamless escape from your current role and planning the structure of your OBM business. You’ll be clear on your ‘why’ and you’ll also have audited your strengths and weaknesses in order to bag the right Stepping Stone clients for you. You’ll also have planned out the elements of your OBM biz and be clear on your game plan for the future. 

How it all breaks down:

  • Business Bootcamp - learn how to set your goals and figure out your ‘Why’
  • Planning your escape - my top tips for breaking out of the shackles of your current job and how to plan financially in order to successfully make the leap.
  • OBM No No’s - understand the big mistakes every new OBM makes and how to avoid them like the plague!
  • Starting Smart - how to audit your strengths and weaknesses (so you can lead with what you know and bag YOUR perfect clients)
Module 3
Confident OBM™ Approach

This is where you’re gonna fire up your mindset into OBM mode!

You’ll learn what’s expected of you at each stage of your OBM journey and develop the mindset shifts you need to rock your new role. You’ll also learn how to price your services effectively, how to charge your worth and you’ll know how to confidently build your client roster. 

How it all breaks down:

  • Your OBM Journey - let’s get clear on what your role is as an OBM and how you can evolve it over time
  • Rock your OBM Role - learn the 4 key mindset shifts that will skyrocket your success
  • Earn Your Worth - get the confidence to charge your true value and stop working for nothing (hell, there’s no such thing as a free lunch!)
Module 4
Confident OBM™ Positioning

By now, you should already know your worth as an OBM. Now you’ll use your new-found confidence to OWN your role, land those clients and charge what you deserve. 

Once you finish this module, you’ll have leveraged your skills to create a powerful OBM package and be able to confidently nail your pricing. You’ll have built up your brand power with an awesome OBM ‘storefront’ and be perfectly primed to start welcoming in your first clients.

How it all breaks down:

  • The Perfect Package - my top ways to nail your pricing & packaging of your OBM services
  • Nail Your Pitch - my ready-to-use templates for cold-pitching emails, social media posts and MORE!
  • Building Brand Power - learn how to build a killer brand and ROCK IT as a solopreneur
  • Open for Business - how to set up your digital OBM Storefront like a boss
Module 5
Confident OBM™ Clients

You’ve laid those strong foundations and got your OBM positioning in place. Go you! Now it’s time to bag those perfect Stepping Stone Clients. 

Here you’ll learn all about who ‘Stepping Stone Clients’ are, where to find them and how to land that all-important first client. You’ll also have the confidence to put yourself out there and leverage social proof to keep on scoring new clients.

How it all breaks down:

  • Your Business Besties - we’ll dive into the types of OBM Clients, who they are, what they do and why they need you.
  • One Foot in the Door - landing your ‘Stepping Stone’ OBM Client (the REAL juice!!)
  • Going For The Gold - my strategies for finding Stepping Stone Clients & confidently networking (the secret to success!)
  • Scoring Social Proof - let’s leverage those client testimonials so you can sit back and watch the business keep on coming…
Module 6
Confident OBM™ Momentum

You’ve nailed it! You’ve created your perfect OBM package and you’re confidently leveraging your strengths in your new role. You ROCK! 

Now it’s all about learning how to keep your clients happy for the long-run and learning how you can grow your business in the future. Here, you’ll gain insight into how you can scale up your OBM business and learn how you can establish yourself as an expert in the OBM Field.

How it all breaks down:

  • Scaling With Success - move on up to bigger and better with my top tips for scaling your biz growth (you’ve got this!)
  • Rebooting Your Roster - how to transition from Stepping Stone Clients to 7-Figure Businesses (all in good time and when you’re ready)

Plus, you’ll get these juicy Bonuses

My proven program for scaling and systematizing.

(VALUE $297)

Let’s make systems sexy! You’ll learn how to leverage key systems that will make yours and your client’s biz consistently run like clockwork. By the end of the Systems Starter Course, you’ll be able to implement the essential systems every business needs to function at optimum level. This is gonna take yours and your client’s biz to a whole new level!


(VALUE $997)

Why spend precious time building out your own systems when you can have a stack of PROVEN assets that are ready to go?

I’ve invested TONS of time, money and decades of business experience into creating systems that really WORK. I’ll give you my tried and tested systems templates which you can plug straight into yours and your client’s biz to get everything running like clockwork in no time.

Monthly Live Group Coaching Calls with Sarah & Instant Access to our Private Confident OBM™ Accelerator Facebook Group

(VALUE $497)

Monthly live group coaching calls with Sarah and our private community is where you’ll gain all-important insights, feedback and inspiration from your fellow OBMs and online business professionals. Having this invaluable support network of like-minded peers will grow your confidence as an OBM and give you the ability to continuously develop your OBM services.

To recap, when you join the program you'll get:

  • 6 Comprehensive Modules of killer content (Value $3000+) that will kickstart your OBM biz and land you your first ‘Stepping Stone’ clients (regardless of what’s going on in the world)
  • 3 Exclusive Juicy Bonuses, including:

1) The Systems Starter Course (Value $297) - My proven program for scaling and systematizing. You’ll learn how to leverage and implement key systems that will make yours and your client’s biz consistently run like clockwork.

2) The Systemize Your Biz Vault (Value $997)- Access the tried and tested systems I used to scale my multi-6-figure OBM business, and plug them straight into your own online biz.

3) Instant access to the closed-door Confident OBM™ Accelerator Facebook Group for one year (Value $497)- This is where you’ll find your tribe. It’s where our amazing community of awesome OBMs, VAs and biz professionals are networking, giving advice, and supporting one another. We’re waiting for you!

  • Proven systems cheat sheets and templates to plug straight into yours and your clients’ biz. (Value $297)- I’ve invested TONS of time, money and decades of business experience into creating these systems assets that really WORK.

When you add it all up, that’s a value of over $5000..

But because I can’t wait for you to kickstart your career as a Confident OBM™️, I’m giving you the opportunity to 
enroll TODAY at your special promo price of just...

I am 100% confident that my strategies will help you land your first OBM client, so I’ll put my money where my mouth is and give you the reassurance of a 60-day money-back guarantee.

How does it work? Simple — if after completing all modules of the Confident OBM ™ Accelerator, and implementing our systems and strategies, you do not land your stepping stone client — we’ll refund your investment.

For details of our terms and conditions, click here.

Right now you have a choice to make.

There are solopreneurs and small business owners out there desperate for someone like you: smart, motivated, with the strategic thinking to help them grow their business.

These Stepping Stone Clients are PERFECT to give you the confidence to finally go all in on being an OBM (for real, with the income to prove it).

This program will walk you through everything you need to find those clients, get them begging to work with you, and how to get them killer results so that they ask, “Can I keep you forever?!”

Worried about the costs of investing? Don’t sweat it! I’m going to help you land your first stepping-stone OBM client, so that this program pays for itself with just one standard 3-month OBM client retainer. And from there, the rest is yours for the taking!

Trust me - this investment in yourself and your career will be your best business decision yet. And I’m with you all the way!

Get ready to transform your life and design it in the way you always dreamed of!

Sarah x

Got more burning questions?
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Q - Do I need management experience or qualifications?
Q - Are there enough Stepping Stone Clients out there for me to make the money I want?
Q - How long will it take me to find my first client?
Q - How long is the Confident OBM™️ Accelerator program?
Q - Will I get access to all the modules as soon as I enroll?
Q - Is there a payment plan?
Q - Do you offer refunds?

Don’t sell yourself short for another second!

You have a unique skill set and talent that nobody else possesses. And together we’re going to leverage that into creating a profitable business as a Confident OBM™.

Let’s do this! 

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