Flashback to 2017, I spent a week in Banff (Alberta, Canada) with the one, the only, THE Tina Forsyth. For those of you know don’t know, Tina founded the International Association of Online Business Managers in 2008 and wrote the book Becoming an Online Business Manager— and she’s the brains behind Certified OBM® Training.

It was during this week that something amazing happened. Tina presented me with an incredible opportunity that I couldn’t say no to – and I finally felt like I’d found my calling.

Starting my Certified OBM® Journey

Back in 2011, I was a tech VA getting my hustle on. I turned to Tina when I was feeling overwhelmed, overworked and I KNEW there had to be a better way to work.

It was time to level-up my biz. Oh yes!

I was already providing high-level strategy to my growing roster of clients. But I knew deep down that my ‘Virtual Assistant’ title didn’t accurately represent the skills and the value that I was bringing to the table.

I wanted to be the ‘cream of the crop’. I was ready to take control of my success and I knew I had the corporate expertise to run and grow a business.

So I hustled right into her Certified OBM® program and got my ass certified! Woot!

Stepping into the OBM Certification Program was a HUGE game changer for me. For years I’d been looking for a way to work from home, be my own boss and spend more time with my family doing the things I really love.

Not only did I learn a hell of a lot about myself, but I also learnt the amazing techniques and strategies I needed to transform me from underwhelmed VA to kick-ass Online Business Manager. I’d established myself as an expert in my field and it felt AMAZING

Taking the step to become a Certified OBM® helped me align my business to my calling and harness my full potential! (Tweet it!)

The program is also what gave me the confidence to develop into a strong LEADER. It’s an invaluable asset to be able to lead long-term relationships with high-end clients and to lead a badass team of your own. But it’s also super important to efficiently lead yourself – because someone’s gotta take the reigns, am I right?!

And the best part in all of this – I blew the roof off my earning potential, I got to pick the best clients to work with and I still had the flexibility to vacay whenever I wanted. Ain’t that the DREAM!

However, becoming a Certified OBM® was just the beginning of my rollercoaster journey.

Fast forward to now – I’ve scored six-figure months as a kickass OBM, managed my own team of OBMs and VAs as part of my OBM Agency and on top of that I’m now a mom of 3 (the real challenge!).

But why would I stop there? I’m always ready for MORE.

Becoming a Certified OBM® Trainer

I love nothing more than helping inspiring women (like you!) do their thing and kick some business butt. Especially when it comes to helping you fulfill your dreams of becoming badass CEOs with flexible schedules.

More and more women are expressing an interest in becoming a Certified OBM® as they begin to understand the value, profitability and flexibility it can bring to their careers. But I know from experience that many of you feel like you don’t have that confidence or expertise to officially step into the role of an ‘OBM’.

Well, that’s exactly why becoming a Certified OBM® Trainer was the perfect fit for me.

I can teach you the tools, techniques, systems, mindset, and best practices that I’ve used in my business for almost a decade.

Not to mention, that I TRULY believe in the power of the Certified OBM® Training Program. It’s the program that changed the game for ME in my online business. You really can get the freedom you crave as a business owner and skyrocket your earnings without compromising family time. I know it better than anyone, because I did exactly that!

Plus, my incredible Certified OBM® grads living proof that this shit WORKS. Take it from these guys:


All the time I have people asking me – “Sarah, I really need the help of a great OBM. Can you recommend me one?”

That’s because online business owners are also catching on to the value of what an OBM can do for their business. Because the online business landscape is constantly changing, they understand the true benefits having an OBM step in and ROCK that role.

So are you ready to do this?

I couldn’t be more excited to teach YOU all the amazing tools and tips on how to leverage and grow your own business like the badass BOSS we both know you are!

Learn more about the Certified OBM® Training Program here and how to start your OBM journey alongside me. I can’t wait to be your mentor!

Now over to you: Are you thinking of becoming an OBM? What’s holding you back from taking that leap? Share your thoughts in the comments below!