Become a well-paid, sought-after,
Certified Online Business Manager

If you’re a Virtual Assistant looking to step up your game and charge more…
An Online Business Manager who wants to attract high-end clients…
Or an experienced administrator or project manager
looking to work from home and get paid well…

I think you’re really gonna love this.

The Simple Way to OBM Success

Certified OBMs are coming to the rescue of overwhelmed business owners everywhere! Because with internet sales reaching $2.3 trillion a year, every business that wants to stay in the game needs an online presence.

But business owners are struggling. They’re struggling with their website, an E-commerce store, a social media presence, blogs, email marketing, and much more. They simply can’t do it all themselves, and are desperately seeking someone to help them manage the overwhelm.

That could be YOU!

This Changed Everything

I became a Certified OBM® IN 2012, and MY business BOOMED! My clients were so happy to let me take over the day to day management of their business. But I became a victim of my own success. I had so much work, I was still overworked and exhausted.

It was time to take on someone to help ME, so that I could have more flexibility while scaling my business.

And that’s when my life really turned around. I hired some awesome team members and trained them to be OBMs…and THAT is the key to building a killer OBM business.

A business that works for YOU, instead you working for your business.

Seven years on, I now have a full scale Online Business Management agency where I partner with Certified OBM® graduates to keep my growing list of high-end clients happy.

My income has increased 10x

The best parts: I get to be around EVERYDAY when my kids come home from school. I built my family’s dream home – financed by my own biz profits, and get to take “me time” and family vacations that I’ve always dreamed of.

And that’s what I want for you too.

I’m ready teach you all the amazing tools and tips I’ve learned working in the trenches and training OBMs
over the past seven years.

I’m excited to be your mentor!

When you get Certified with me you’ll:

Increase your Earning Potential by working on a monthly retainer or incentive based payment structure. I’ll show you how to ditch the limiting $ per hour system that keeps you spinning on that hamster wheel.
Work with Your Ideal Clients by choosing a small group (usually no more than 3), who pay you well and can’t live without you!
Find New Clients by Word of Mouth, because when you help create success, word gets around very quickly, and you’ll soon be flooded with work—and looking to hire your                   own OBM team like me.
Enjoy Longer Term Client Relationships as you become integral to your client’s business. That means less time marketing yourself and looking for new clients!
Co-create with your Clients as you get deeper into strategy and find yourself creating new programs or products with your clients.
Establish Yourself as an Expert because you’re getting in early on this fast-paced market, so you’ll get opportunities such as consulting, mentoring, or training VAs and OBMs.

And This Will Make All The Difference

When you take part in this training with me, you’ll get exclusive access to my signature program: Team Growth Formula (VALUE $997)!

Because when you become a Certified OBM® you’re going to have clients knocking down your door… and there’s no way that you’re going to say “no” when they show you the money.

So when you’re maxed out with work, my Team Growth Formula will teach you how to bring a TEAM onboard that can take the weight off, so you’re not doing everything yourself.

I’ll teach you how to hire and train your team, so you can pivot from solopreneur to delegator-in-chief while your business thrives and your clients get VIP service.

Here’s what others have said about the course:

Jenn Sebastian

Since becoming a Certified OBM®, I've gained so much confidence in what I bring to my clients.

Karen Croll

After being a Certified OBM®, I now have 2 main clients who provide me steadily with more money than I made as a VA.

Nicole Graham

The program offers you an opportunity to step into a bigger role that is not about you, but is about supporting someone else to grow their business.

Kimberly Wise

The quality of the content far exceeded what I'd expected. Being a Certified OBM® has exponentially increased my confidence level in my skills.

Michael Stetina

OBM Certification Training changed my business in every respect.

Raven Kleinbach

With the Online Business Manager Training, I discovered the key ingredients I needed in order to share my expertise & value to clients.

LaToya Russell

Because of the OBM Certification Program, I can confidently tell people that I can manage virtually and with the credential, it's so much easier to sell. As a result, in less than a week being in the OBM directory 3 people booked appointments!!!!

Odette Toppin

After the training, I am able to structure my biz in ways that make me the model of WHAT I say I can deliver. Structure my services in ways that will allow me to bring value to my clients.

Gwen Castelberry

The OBM Certification Course made me confidently situate myself in a more senior, partnership-style role with my clients that is more about planning and less about task-doing.

Galina Gorbach

Under Sarah’s training and support, I am now able to set up my business and know to what to do when I have a Breakthrough session with a potential client. From there on, I am able to help the client to grow their business. That’s why now I have a successful business.

Marsha Quilang

Sarah Noked’s OBM Certification is the best investment I did for my business. Being part of Sarah's training gave me the confidence, structure and support I have been looking for in my business.

Emma Perols

After the course, I find it easier to find potential clients, sell to them and onboard them. I now know best practices and therefore can do a much better job faster. I don't have to make all the mistakes myself. I have learnt so much.


I've been able to narrow down my offerings to what my strengths are. No more needing to be everything to everyone.

Rachel Marchant

Sarah truly cares about your success and will lead you every step of the way to mastering the knowledge you need as an OBM. I appreciate how her course caters to all learning styles and the resource section is absolutely incredible!

Amanda Leonardo

This training with Sarah will give you the skills and confidence needed to grow your business as an OBM. I am now able to work consistently with clients and know exactly what to do and when to do it.

So if you’re a VA, an OBM, or have excellent skills that can help a business owner manage and scale their online business, join the Certified OBM® program now.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

Module 1 | The Express MBA

In order to play a bigger role in your client’s business, you need to understand what they are building and how. During this module you will learn:

  • The “generosity based platform” that’s the standard for most information-based businesses (authors, speakers, coaches, consultants, and other experts)
  • The 7 most popular business models for online businesses
  • An overview of internet marketing strategies, including social media, SEO, email marketing, blogging, and much more
  • How others are doing it: with case studies of real businesses using the key strategies

Module 2 | Owning the OBM Role

Learn how to be proactive, assertive, and truly “own” the role. During this module you will learn about:

  • Leading Yourself – focusing on how you step up to be the leader you were meant to be based on your unique strengths and experiences, and how you project those to your client.
  • Leading the Business – how you become an integral (and irreplaceable) part of the your client’s business by taking a strategic role including: vision, goal setting, communication, team management, etc.
  • Leading the Client – often we need to lead our clients in the direction that is best for their business. We’ll learn how to do it elegantly and with conviction.

Module 3 | Kick-Ass Project Planning and Launch Management

Planning is the driving force in the day and life of an OBM… specifically when it comes down to projects and launches. You’ll learn:

  • Project Management – how to set up a project management plan that works for you and your client, including a comparison of the many project management tools available (so you can pick one that fits you best).
  • Launch Management – the top strategies for launching products and services. Get a clear picture of what success looks like so you can get your client over the finish line. You’ll come away with worksheets and checklists to use straight away.

Module 4 | Automation & Operations Management Essentials

Operating systems are my forte, so when you apply what you learn in this module, it’s going to rock your clients’ businesses. You’ll:

  • Learn the top 10 business operating systems and how to implement them into EVERY business you serve.
  • Find out the top 10 business tools needed to build and grow an online business.
  • Get full access to a pre-populated SOP build out in the Teamwork Project Management tool and learn how to use it to manage a client’s business.
  • Get the practical tools: checklists, spreadsheets and flowcharts of quarterly tasks and initiatives, monthly expectations, weekly tasks, and daily to-do’s.

Module 5 | Building Your Dream Team

Learn the art of building strong virtual teams so you can access a tool-box of experts and implementers that will impress your clients. In this module we will cover:

  • What it looks like to lead your clients team.
  • What it looks like to lead your own team.
  • And you’ll learn top strategies for working with virtual teams so that everybody thrives

Module 6 | How To Hook The Perfect Client

How to find your ideal clients and connect with them so that hiring you is a no-brainer. You’ll learn about:

  • Identifying Your Ideal Client – how to know who is ready (or not) to hire an OBM, and how to choose clients based on your strengths.
  • Hooking Your Ideal Client – how to have THAT sales conversation so that potential clients take the bait and jump in your net.
  • OBM Compensation Options – leave hourly rates behind and switch to these systems that give you more incentive and stability.
  • The OBM Mindset – Develop a strong sense of purpose, for both you and your clients, in order to be a kickass OBM.
  • Managing Your Business – we going to get clear on what you want, what you offer, and how you want to build your business.

Certification Week

Open exclusively to participants who have completed this 90-day course, you will have the opportunity to participate in the OBM Certification Week and examination to become a Certified Online Business Manager.

OBM Certification Week is organized and facilitated by the International Association of Online Business Managers (IAOBM). Included in the enrollment fee for the Certified OBM® .

During Certification Week, you’ll get the chance to apply everything you’ve been learning in a series of business scenarios designed to simulate the job of an Online Business Manager. Rest assured that it will be a fulfilling week and its recommended you allocate 20 hours (approx 3-4 hours each day) to complete the required projects.

The next Certification Week is July 20th – 24th, 2020. Certification week runs every quarter, so if you miss this one, you can get in the next. 

The Very Important Details

6 Rich Content Modules
(Value: $1997)

Online Business Manager Members Area  including video lessons, transcripts, worksheets, flowcharts, and supplemental materials for all modules.
(Value: $997)

6 LIVE Q+A sessions Check-ins and online support during the full 90-days…. loaded with insights, where Sarah will be available to answer your questions and support you on your OBM journey
(Value: $1997)

Access to the Private Facebook Group, where you can connect with awesome VAs & OBMs ramping up their business to the next level like you. This virtual network will give you answers, suggestions, and a round of applause when you need it.
(Value: $497)

Plus these Fabulous Bonuses

BONUS 1: Team Growth Formula: my signature program that will lead you step-by-step in building the foundations of a team-based business.
(Value $997)

BONUS 2: The Team Growth SOP Vault: these systems and templates are the product of 100,000 hours and ONE MILLION DOLLARS of investment in my business, and they’re going to save you TONS of time, money, and effort as you build your dream team. 
(Value $997)

BONUS 3: Setting Client Expectations Masterclass: Making a graceful transition to a team-based business without losing a client. 
(Value $297)

BONUS 4: Discovery call transcripts and action plans: Behind the scenes access to how I close high-end clients! 
(Value $397)


BONUS 5:  Exam Week fees and your first years membership in the International Association of Online Business Managers Membership!
(Value $297)



Total Program Value: $8470++

Apply to the OBM Certification Mentorship Program Today!







So are you ready to become a Certified OBM®

And if you still have questions, I have answers…

Q - Do I really need to be certified?

Really great question, and the answer is of course “it depends”.

Certification is certainly not a requirement for working as an Online Business Manager. And, in fact, there are many excellent people working in this role who are not certified.

However, certification is currently one of the only ways for OBMs and their potential clients to gain confidence in each other.

When a client hires a Certified Online Business Manager™, they can be confident that this person has the knowledge and expertise required for the job. Certification allows you to connect faster with new clients and start off in a relationship of mutual trust based on this common knowledge and expertise.

Plus, it also shows clients that you’re serious about working as an Online Business Manager. The fact that you’ve made the investment of time and energy to pursue training and certification proves that this isn’t something you’re just going to “try and see how it goes” – this kind of commitment speaks volumes about your dedication and intention.

Q - I’m just starting out as a VA/OBM. Is this right for me?

Because the training is comprehensive and will give you a foundational grounding in OBM skills, you can enroll even if you’ve only been a VA or OBM for six months. But my best advice is to get on a call with me to talk it over. Schedule a call with Sarah

Q - Do I need management experience or qualifications?

I have met so many fellow online service providers over the years who are worried about lack of qualifications or management experience. And I get questions all the time about where I got my confidence to manage a team of five. And here’s the thing — we all have it in us! We manage our homes, our families, our lives, our clients, and their projects on a daily basis. And since the training program includes a lot of practical and strategic information about how online businesses are run, and what’s expected from a manager, you’ll quickly gain the confidence to step up and take charge.

Q - I’m worried my clients won’t pay me OBM rates

If you are performing management tasks like delegating to team members, planning and supervising marketing campaigns, and helping your client directly to grow their business, you should already be charging OBM rates.

Having been in this situation myself, I can tell you that some clients will jump on board straight away, but others might need some time for “transition.” We’ll talk about how to handle all of this in the course, even down to what to say.

Q - I’m worried I don’t have time for this. How long will it take?

The course runs for 90 days and I can tell you from personal experience that you can do it in your “spare time” (ha ha). The time to dedicate to this program is 2 hours a week. In addition to that, you’ll have 6 LIVE sessions with me. See schedule in the next point.

Q - When are the live sessions with Sarah?

Our Q&A schedule:

WELCOME CALL: Monday, April 13th at 11am ET (New York) / 8am PT (Los Angeles)
CALL 1: Monday, April 20th at 11am ET (New York) / 8am PT (Los Angeles)
CALL 2: Monday, May 4th at 11am ET (New York) / 8am PT (Los Angeles)
CALL 3: Monday, May 18th at 11am ET (New York) / 8am PT (Los Angeles)
CALL 4: Monday, June 1st at 11am ET (New York) / 8am PT (Los Angeles)
CALL 5: Monday, June 15th at 11am ET (New York) / 8am PT (Los Angeles)
CALL 6: Monday, June 29th at 11am ET (New York) / 9am PT (Los Angeles)

All the sessions will be recorded and available in your member’s area, so if you can’t attend LIVE, you can catch the replay.

Q - What if I can't attend all the sessions?

All the sessions will be recorded and available in your member’s area, so if you can’t attend LIVE, it’s no biggie. But I would recommend to block out time in your schedule to attend at least some of the live sessions. That way, you’ll be able to ask questions and get an immediate answer to your own personal concerns or difficulties.

Q - What is OBM Certification Week all about?

Certification Exam Week happens quarterly. The next examination week is July 20th – 24th, 2020. You will be eligible to participate in Certification Week once you’ve completed this 90 day program. Exam week is a series of practical projects and is designed to simulate what it’s like to work with a real OBM clients. The amount of time to consider for each day of certification week is 2.5 hours. The cost of participating in exam week is covered in your enrollment fee for the program. Hooray!

Q - Is there a payment plan?

I want to make this as easy for you as I can, so I’ve fixed it for you to pay in six installments of $750. 

Don’t forget that this investment in yourself is going to quickly reap rewards you never dared to dream of.

You’ll be able to increase your rates for existing clients as you take on management tasks and help scale their businesses.

And new clients who hire you as a Certified OBM will pay you double or triple your VA rates as you take the struggle out of their business and become an invaluable member of their team.

Q - Do you offer refunds?

No. We have a very clear no refund policy because we only work with students who are ALL IN! We put an extraordinary amount of time and effort into this program, and expect you to do the same!

One Last Thing

So listen up! Becoming an OBM now ensures that you are getting in on a profession that is the new way to work and in high demand.

There’s amazing potential right in front of you, not only as an OBM working for clients, but you can also:

  • Build your own OBM empire like me.
  • Or become a trainer, a mentor, or a consultant.
  • Or get so good at this management thing that you’ll start your own online business.

But what’s certain is that this investment in yourself, your career, and your family will be the best business decision you’ve made in a long time.

I’m so excited for you!!

I am so excited to be your mentor over the next 12 weeks…

Creating a profitable and satisfying Online Business Manager Career has literally given me the life of my dreams and ample time to spend with my family.

I’ve experienced first hand what it feels like to transition from a soul-sucking corporate career to working in the online space with clients all over the world.

And I’ve done it all and scaled my business from solopreneur to full scale agency model. I’m ready and willing to share all my wisdom to help you build the business (and life) you’ve been dreaming of…

Should you take me up on my offer, I personally guarantee that these next 12 weeks will change your life and your mindset.

I look forward to being your mentor.

To our success,


Need Help ?

If you need help ordering or have any questions or concerns about the course, please contact us.

The OBM training curriculum is offered by Sarah Noked as a Certified OBM® Trainer pursuant to an authorized license from IAOBM. Any additional services offered separately are not sponsored, endorsed or approved by IAOBM.