This week, I was joined by 6 incredible Certified OBMs®, as they took to the hot seat for the Certified OBM® Round Table.

They told us all about their journeys from corporate and VA work, to building thriving businesses as Certified OBMs®. And hell, it was a frickin’ BLAST!

These inspiring women are a testament to what you can achieve when you commit to your dreams, push through all the fear, and get Certified!

But don’t just take my word for it – scroll down to catch the Round Table recording in full. It’s real, honest, and totally inspiring 🥰

First, here’s a bit about each of the women featured in the Certified OBM® Round Table:

Certified OBM Round Table Interview
Meighan O’Toole
Massachusetts, USA
Silicon Valley corporate exec (Google, Yahoo, Wikipedia), turned Certified OBM®

Certified OBM Round Table Interview
Jessica Perkins

Southampton, UK
Chemist with 11 years in corporate, turned Certified OBM®

Certified OBM Round Table InterviewOxana Romanyuk
Texas, USA
Founder of Remote Rockstars OBM Agency
Online Business Manager turned Certified OBM®


Certified OBM® Round Table InterviewKiva Slade
Maryland, USA
Founder of The 516 Collaborative
Homeschooling mom turned Certified OBM®


Certified OBM Round Table Interview
Julie Calcote

Alaska, USA
Former legal office assistant, turned Certified OBM®

Certified OBM Round Table InterviewPetra Wilmering

Wuppertal, Germany
Former corporate hustler and virtual assistant, turned Certified OBM®

Click play on the video below to watch the Certified OBM® Round Table interview in full.


Key points covered:

[1:20] How Kiva went from home schooling mom to OBM agency owner

[7:10] How former Silicon Valley corporate hustler Meighan makes over double her former income as a Certified OBM®

[14:40] Petra’s Story – from getting laid off in corporate to building a thriving Certified OBM business

[19:05] OBM Certification Exam Week 101

[25:30] How Oxana grew her existing OBM agency as a Certified OBM®

[29:50] The community and friendship found through the OBM Certification Program

[30:30] How former chemist Jessica packed out her client roster within 4 months of becoming a Certified OBM®

[35:40] How Julie found her ideal clients as a Certified OBM® (check out my blog post on this here!)

[38:50] Benefits of being in the International Association of Online Business Managers

[43:10] Biggest differences between a Certified OBM and non-certified OBM (check out my post on this after!)

[46:10] How the OBM Certification Program content has helped them land top-tier clients


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Now over to you: Did you love hearing these ladies’ stories as much as I did?! Did hearing their journeys help you make a decision about getting Certified? I’d love to know! Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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