Want to know what a day in the life of an OBM really looks like? This week, I’m joined by one of my students, Chelley Wild, as we dive into her daily duties as an OBM, and learn how a career in Online Business Management has transformed her life. Let’s dive in!

What gives me most satisfaction as an Online Business Manager trainer is seeing my students thrive at what they do. It totally warms my heart to watch them grow in confidence, capabilities, and to see them flourish as online service providers after just a short time inside our programs.

For many of my students, a huge motivator for becoming an OBM is experiencing the lifestyle freedom and flexibility that comes with having an online career. I’m often asked by aspiring OBMs what a typical day in the life of an OBM looks like, and how this career path actually allows you to live life by your design.

The beauty of OBM work is that no two days (or OBMs!) are the same. That’s why over the coming weeks, I’ll be bringing you OBM Spotlight interviews with some of my students.

In this video interview, I’m joined by my OBM student Chelley Wild – A.K.A The Business Whisperer. Chelley trained with me just over a year ago, and the incredible success she’s had so far is a testament to what can be achieved in the OBM role!

Watch the video below to discover:

  • What a day in the life of an Online Business Manager really looks like for Chelley (the projects she works on, clients she works with, and how the OBM role has allowed her to design her days)
  • The transferable skills she leveraged in order to transition from corporate business analyst to full time Online Business Manager
  • Why having the support of our community was critical to her success
  • PLUS: Chelley’s top tips for finding solid Online Business Management clients (these are GOLD for new OBMs!)

Whether you’re interested in becoming an OBM, working with one, or you’re new to online work and want to learn more about the role, this is for you!

Click on the preview below to watch now:

Here’s a rundown of what I cover in this video:

  • [00:43] Introducing Chelley Wild OBM
  • [01:58] Transferable OBM skills Chelley leveraged from her corporate background
  • [05:30] Working with OBM Clients
  • [08:30] What a typical day in the life of an OBM looks like for Chelley
  • [12:51] Types of projects Chelley works on
  • [17:51] How Chelley transitioned from corporate worker to full-time OBM
  • [18:47] Best advice for aspiring OBMs
  • [22:30] Top tips for finding OBM Clients

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