Sometimes things just seem to align to get you to where you need to be… And when you have a strong entrepreneurial spirit like my latest ‘Day in the Life’ guest, former student, and former Accelerator giveaway winner Gillian Edwards does, there’s no keeping it down! Read on to find out more about her inspiring story!

When businesses all over the world were downsizing or closing due to the Coronavirus pandemic, Gillian was among the millions who lost their jobs. Soon, she was contemplating her next steps in life… Should she get a 9-5 job or was there something else out there for her?

Luckily for Gillian, she was already preparing for something like this before she even knew it. Back in 2019, she joined me for OBM Week and was the lucky winner of my Accelerator giveaway. She stuck it out in the program, did the work, and was in a unique position to start work online when everyone was scrambling to make remote work viable.

But there were still some things holding her back… Fear held her back from owning the OBM role until she completed the Accelerator course, and moved on to our Accreditation course, which gave her the confidence to finally go for it! (Psst! If you’re curious about the kind of confidence that our Accelerator program can give you to start your own OBM biz like it did for Gillian, why not check out the Accelerator program today?)

She kicked her new career off with one client, starting out small until she eventually attracted bigger retainer clients, leveraging her experience and her contacts from her previous corporate job to find clients for her OBM business as well as from nurturing relationships she cultivated after diving into the OBM world.

While she works with one retainer client now, she does project work with other clients and is enjoying the variety and the challenges that having these smaller projects provides her.

Her advice for anyone who wants to get started as an OBM? Lean on your strengths. Even if your strengths aren’t usually services that OBMs would typically offer to their clients, each client has unique needs and you can make use of your strengths along with other classic OBM services.

And her second big #obmtip for those still hesitating to make that leap: Starve fear by making quick decisions. She hopes aspiring OBMs can learn from her mistake and jump in – ALL IN.

Come join me in my most recent “A Day in the Life of an OBM” video and find out:
– How Gillian got started as an OBM
– How she used her experience in our OBM School programs to give her confidence to start her own business
– How she leveraged her experience in corporate to help her with her new career
– Gillian’s #1 piece of advice for aspiring OBMs

Click on the preview below to watch now:

Here’s a rundown of what I cover in this video:

00:25 – How Gillian Got Started as an OBM
1:18 – One thing that held Gillian back
2:01 – Gillian’s lightbulb moment
2:57 – Where Gillian finds her clients
3:44 – The importance of putting yourself out there
4:00 – The types of clients Gillian works with
4:40 – What a day in the life of an OBM looks like for Gillian
5:10 – What Gillian does for her retainer client
6:55 – What kind of projects Gillian does for her clients
7:38 – Why Gillian hasn’t niched down
8:20 – Sarah’s thoughts on niching
9:11 – Gillian’s advice for how to get started to become an OBM
9:56 – Her #1 piece of advice for aspiring OBMs

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