In this installment of our OBM Spotlight series, I’m joined by Lenica Stephen, founder of IBOSS Inc. and one of our OBM School mentors. We dive into what a day in the life of an OBM looks like for her, and how she switched from corporate 9-5 to Online Business Manager. Let’s do this!

When speaking to Online Business Managers, one of the things I LOVE hearing about is the different journeys they have taken on the path to success. And a day in the life of an OBM is unique to each OBM. Some work closely with a few clients on strategy, some manage thriving teams, and others have BIG plans like scaling an agency. And that’s exactly the path that OBM Lenica Stephen is taking by storm.

Hailing from just outside Toronto, Canada, Lenica left behind a 15 year career in corporate to become an OBM back in 2018. She’s also a mentor inside our OBM School programs & communities, as well as being an accredited Project Management Professional and Change Management Practitioner.

Lenica’s dream of starting a business was, in her own words, a “someday” plan. Like many aspiring OBMs, she wanted time freedom. She craved the flexibility to plan her days. And most of all, Lenica wanted to work in her “zone of genius” – strategy and planning – so that she could feel fulfilled and passionate about her career.

At first, Lenica got started by doing some VA work alongside her corporate job. But she was still left with the feeling that “there has to be a better way to work!”. What led her to finally make the jump from corporate to OBM? Total BURNOUT.

Lenica was able to leverage her skills in project management, business process re-engineering, and team management as the foundations to achieve huge success as an OBM. As a result, after just a few years in the OBM world, she’s grown a team of her own and is well on her way to building an agency! How incredible is that?!

In this video, Lenica and I dive into what a day in the life of an OBM looks like for her. Watch it now to discover:

  • The EXACT steps Lenica took to leave her corporate job of 15 years to become an Online Business Manager
  • Lenica’s top 3 juiciest tips for finding high-quality OBM Clients
  • How scaling a team has allowed her to work in her “zone of genius” on a daily basis (and truly LOVE the work she does!)
  • The BEST pieces of advice that Lenica would give every aspiring OBM who’s thinking about making the jump

Click on the preview below to watch now:

Here’s a rundown of what I cover in this video:

[01:01] Lenica’s introduction
[02:47] “Specialized” vs. “Generalized” approach to OBM work
[04:42] What a day in the life of an OBM looks like for Lenica
[10:36] How Lenica discovered the OBM role and left corporate for good
[12:00] How Lenica got her OBM business started
[13:22] The best part about being an OBM
[15:04] Why Lenica works as a “specialized” OBM and the services she offers
[17:04] The types of clients she works with and what she looks for in her clients
[21:06] Tips for getting OBM Clients
[22:42] Lenica’s advice for aspiring OBMs

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