Major career changes can be the catalyst for even bigger personal transformations… which is exactly what happened when my OBM student, Lindsay Connolly, moved across the world, ditched her corporate hustle, and started her OBM business. Read on to hear how a twist of fate sparked the incredible story of Lindsay’s success, and learn what a ‘Day in the Life of an OBM’ looks like in her world.

Whenever I speak to aspiring OBMs who are looking to break out of corporate, I see the same pain points come up time and time again:

“I don’t have any experience working online”
“I’m not sure where I ‘fit in’ in the online space”
“I don’t think clients will pay me the kinds of rates I hear other OBMs are making”

These are all concerns that my OBM School student, Lindsay Connolly, had before making the leap from a corporate career in NYC to Online Business Management… and yet, just a year into her OBM journey, Lindsay is KILLING it in the online space, earning rates of $100+ per hour. So how did she achieve such incredible success?

How Lindsay’s OBM Journey Started

Lindsay’s OBM journey began much like my own. After relocating from New York to Belgium in early 2020 with her husband and two-year-old son, she found herself at a crossroads in her career. “I knew I wanted to work for myself in some capacity,” Lindsay recalls, “but I hadn’t ever given myself the time or space to figure out what that meant. Previously, I’d been working as a Director of Operations for fashion companies, running at a million miles an hour each day. The relocation gave me space to consider how I wanted to live my life moving forward.”

After joining a mastermind group and finding a business coach, Lindsay realized her existing skill set was deeply aligned with that of an Online Business Manager. However, in Lindsay’s own words, “Working online was so strange to me! I didn’t know what the online space was, or how I could fit into this unfamiliar world.”

“I had zero confidence, and a LOT of imposter syndrome”, says Lindsay. “That’s when I found Sarah, watched her videos, and then saw that she was running a free OBM Week training event. I joined the daily classes and spent time absorbing as much information as I could.” Lindsay’s big A-HA moment? “I realized that actually, I’d been doing a LOT of this work already in my former roles! I just needed to translate it into online business terminology and conduct.”

In a turn of fate, Lindsay got a BIG break when she won our OBM Week giveaway, and landed a spot in the OBM School Accelerator program! Armed with a guided framework, and expert mentoring, she was able to dive into the OBM role and really start building her business. But her journey didn’t end there…

“I wanted extra validation of my skill set, so I then joined the OBM School Accreditation Program. That’s when the big pieces of my business finally started to fit together and I grew more confident.”

Living and Working as a Confident OBM®

Since joining OBM School back in Spring 2021, Lindsay has gone on to work with a range of OBM clients in both the brick and mortar and the online space – varying from food truck owners, to graphic designers and even people from her previous corporate world. And right from the beginning, she has NEVER wavered from the $100/hr+ rates she set. “I was told by my coach to set my rates and stick to them no matter what”, says Lindsay. “There’s been times where I thought about lowering them, but I’ve got the confidence now to stand firm in my value.”

Becoming an OBM has transformed Lindsay’s life in ways she could never have imagined. Aside from having a fantastic work/life balance, working 25 hours a week with a select few clients, she also now takes ownership over her scope of work. “In corporate, the work piles up and you can never say ‘No, I can’t do that’, ‘I don’t have time’, or ‘This is outside of my responsibility’. As an OBM, I have a clearly defined scope of work in my contract, so I avoid working extra hours for free, or taking on too much and burning out.”

But the best part about being an OBM in Lindsay’s opinion? “This work has given me the opportunity to slow down and get to know myself as Lindsey. I’m a better person to myself, a better mother, and a better wife to my husband.”

Lindsay’s ‘Day in the life of an OBM’ Interview

I had SUCH a blast talking to Lindsay about what a Day in the life of an OBM looks like for her, and how she achieved success so quickly in her OBM career. Her story is truly inspiring to those of you looking to break free from the corporate world shackles!

Want to learn more about switching from corporate to OBM? Watch our full Day in the life of an OBM interview below to discover:

  • How Lindsay charges premium OBM rates for qualities and skills that come naturally to her (and you can too!)
  • The #1 most valuable piece of advice Lindsay would give to those switching from corporate work to OBM
  • What Lindsay learned in OBM Week that sparked a HUGE transformation in her life and business (Want in? Sign up here)
  • Plus: Behind-the-scenes insight into exactly what a Day in the Life of an OBM looks like for Lindsay

Click on the preview below to watch now:

Here’s a rundown of what I cover in this video:

01:33 – Starting out as an OBM
04:02 – What compelled Lindsay to become an OBM
06:02 – First steps into her OBM journey
09:56 – Getting started as an OBM & landing clients
12:18 – Transitioning from corporate to OBM instead of taking the VA route
15:46 – Lindsay’s WHY
21:15 – The types of clients Lindsay works with
28:03 – What a Day in the life of an OBM looks like for Lindsay
32:37 – What OBM services Lindsay offers to clients
41:39 – Her #1 piece of advice for aspiring OBMs

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