We can’t always control our external circumstances – especially during a global crisis. But my ‘Day in the life of an OBM’ guest, and former student, Ramona Hooper, is a true testament to how you can achieve incredible success during testing times. Ready to be truly inspired? Read on to hear Ramona’s story.

When lockdowns struck in early 2020, many people found themselves unemployed, and unsure of what the future held. And for Ramona Hooper, this proved to be an unexpected opportunity to explore a new avenue as an OBM, and embark on a fresh start that would change her world forever. However, her journey wasn’t without its challenges – and some pretty big ones at that…

Ramona is an Online Business Manager from Vancouver, who started her journey into online work when life as she knew it quickly took a turn for the worst. In addition to the global pandemic that emerged, both Ramona and her husband were made redundant from their longstanding corporate jobs. This left them frantically searching for a solution to get back on track financially.

Like many of us, Ramona was forced into what would soon become the “most hectic time of her life”. She had to adjust to virtually schooling her son, juggling being a mom with searching for a new job in what seemed like a barren landscape.

But Ramona’s life was further turned upside down when her husband then had a stroke, and suffered additional heart complications that meant he could no longer work.

With the need to prioritize her husband’s rehabilitation and her son’s schooling, Ramona found the online business path and started out as a Virtual Assistant. However, when she stumbled across the OBM role in an online community, she soon realized that by owning this title, she could be charging higher rates for work she was ALREADY doing.

Ramona made the switch from VA to OBM work, and is nothing short of an absolute ROCKSTAR. Not only did she build an OBM business that works for her, but she’s developed some amazing strategies to ensure continuous learning and development as an OBM while juggling life as a wife and mom (all revealed in the video below!).

If there’s one thing I learned when talking to Ramona about her life as an OBM, it’s this:

Your circumstances don’t have to determine where you can go and what you can achieve.

She’s a true testament to the success that can be achieved against all odds, and is living proof of how a career as an OBM can transform your world. But the best part in Ramona’s eyes?

“Now my son gets the best of me, not the rest of me.”

I’m so excited for you to dive into my Day in the Life of an OBM interview with Ramona. She’s a treasure, a powerhouse, and an inspiration to us all. Watch the video below to discover:

How Ramona went from working 70 hours a week in corporate, to working 20 hours a week as an OBM (and replaced her ENTIRE salary in 4 months!)
The GENIUS outreach strategy that she used to land OBM clients in her community, and help locals keep their businesses alive during the pandemic
The self-assessment checklist method that Ramona uses to learn new tech tools that helps her bust through imposter syndrome
A behind-the-scenes look inside how Ramona runs lucrative client VIP Days

Click on the preview below to watch now:

Here’s a rundown of what I cover in this video:

[00:48] How Ramona became an OBM
[02:32] What a “Day In The Life of an OBM” looks like for Ramona
[04:40] What her client roster looks like
[06:29] Going from VA to OBM
[08:15] Finding & working with OBM Clients
[15:20] The types of OBM work that gets Ramona excited
[18:33] Hiring and contracting a team
[20:01] Words of wisdom for new OBMs
[22:33] Why Ramona decided to work online
[29:01] How being an OBM impacted Ramona’s personal life

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