I know so many online business owners who spend their lives with constant anxiety. They have meeting deadlines. They’re constantly trying to push ahead of the competition. They’re constantly attempting to stay on top of new technologies. The evolution of your business never ends, and that makes life complicated and, let’s face it, anxiety-inducing!

The number of areas online business owners must specialize in, simply to keep their business above water, is beyond overwhelming. There’s business management and strategy. There are SEO campaigns, websites, and programming. There’s content creation, social media campaigns, conventional advertising campaigns, and product launches. It NEVER ends! And all of these tasks are above and beyond the conventional roles that business owners have to take on: hiring, firing, employee relations, bookkeeping and accounting, bill payment, product orders, public relations.

And dare I mention personal and family time?

How can anybody stay sane with such an enormous amount of responsibility squared solely upon their shoulders? Anybody who has ever tried will tell you the truth: nobody can. Here are the two major ways that hiring an Online Business Manager will save you the grief of figuring this out the hard way:

Hiring an Online Business Manager will save your sanity

Projects and tasks handled by a typical business owner can often be too much to handle. Stress, illness, inefficiency in business dealings, anxiety, financial losses, and missed profit opportunities are only some of the side effects that business owners experience when spread too thin.

Delegate tasks that are not absolutely essential to be done yourself! Finding yourself the perfect online business manager to take care of administration, recurring tasks, and project management will create room to focus on those areas that are most important to you. There is no reason to spend weeks pouring over how to develop a Facebook ad campaign when you can hire an online business manager to create one in a matter of days. Why blindly shoot in the dark to create a business strategy when you can bring in the right OBM to do this for you?

Take advantage of assistance, utilize the art of delegation, and let yourself soar with an OBM! (Tweet it!)

Hiring an Online Business Manager will save you MONEY

By hiring an efficient OBM, not only are you saving your sanity, but you are also making room to expand your business and raise your profits. Your OBM clears your plate in order for you to devote your time to growth. The right OBM would also give you sound advice and expertise in their field, giving you a strategic advantage over your competition! Your OBM can literally assist you in business strategy and consulting, create superb advertising campaigns, manage your social media outlets, and do just about anything else you choose to delegate to them!

How to find the perfect OBM

A quality, proactive OBM should integrate smoothly into your business, dive right into the work at hand, take charge. You’re hiring them to help assist in your success!

Quality OBMs are professional and efficient. They remove stress and burdens. They are timely, organized, and capable in their work. Each OBM brings their own specializations to the table. You should be very clear with your OBM regarding expectations and projects. For example, if you’re looking for strategic business consulting, make sure your OBM specializes in just that.

Always personally interview your potential OBM, ask for a portfolio or work examples, and follow up with their references! But even more importantly: make sure you click with them! You want to make sure the person intimately involved in your business on the day-to-day is someone you enjoy working with!

Now over to you: Thinking of hiring an OBM? What’s holding you back? Already have a kickass OBM on your team? I’d love to hear how you found the perfect match for your online business!