So – you’re looking to earn more as a service based professional? I don’t blame you!

Many of us entrepreneurs, freelancers, and virtual business owners begin to grow tired of working 24/7 and having little to show for it. I mean, we left behind our 9-5s, secure salaries, and other “company benefits” to create a blissful work-life balance, spend more time with our families, take more guilt-free vacations, and earn more MONEY. We see others doing it, so why can’t WE figure it out?

Well sometimes, you just need to adjust WHAT services you are offering your clients.

Many Virtual Assistants, Digital Marketers, Bookkeepers, etc shift to Online Business Management (OBM) to work at a managerial level with their clients and charge more for the high-ticket value they’re providing.

But doesn’t working on a more managerial level involve heavier work and longer hours? Not in this case! OBMs usually work around 20-30 hours a week for 2-4 clients and have no issues replacing their corporate income or tripling what they were making previously as an online service support professional – within just a few months!

With that you may be wondering, “what is an Online Business Manager?”, “what kind of work do they do – really?”, or even, “how do I become one?”.

Well, you can find the answers to all of those questions, plus more, in our newest YouTube video, “Earn More as a Service Based Professional – What is an Online Business Manager?”.

So without further ado, click on the preview to watch in full now!

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