Having a reliable team is the number one way to scale your OBM business. But I often find that OBMs and other service support professionals hesitate when thinking about growing their team. The who-what-when of it all can be pretty overwhelming – I get it! In this blog I’m going to address what the best practices are, and what to consider when you’re ready to bring on your first hire. Read on to discover my do’s and don’ts and my top hiring tips for growing your team!

As solopreneurs, we’re used to doing things on our own. We started our business by ourselves, and have been working on our own for one, maybe two or even more years… But what happens when you feel like you’ve been stretched too thin or raising your prices AGAIN just won’t cut it anymore? If you’re truly committed to growing your business, the next step is to build your own team.

Having a team-based business is what’s really going to allow you that freedom you dreamed of when you decided to become an OBM, and will afford you the ability to focus on working in your zone of genius and get back to the things that truly light you up!

And while a lot of us balk at the thought of starting the hiring process, and for good reason, it’s an investment worth making. Yes, the process of finding the right people with the right skills who you can work well with presents its own challenges, but trust me, there is a light at the end of that tunnel! As an OBM, as an Agency Owner and now in my OBM School I’ve done my fair share of hiring and firing and I’ve learned a ton of lessons along the way – which is why today I’m coming to you with some of my top hiring tips when growing your team, including:

  • Getting into the right hiring mindset
  • How to budget for your online business team
  • My top tips for hiring a virtual team
  • Common hiring mistakes to avoid
  • How to make the most out of your team

Click on the preview below to watch now:

Here’s a rundown of what I cover in this video:
00:00 – Hiring Tips: What to Consider When Growing Your Team
00:41 – What EXACTLY do I do and how can I help you grow your business?
2:42 – Tip #1
5:24 – Tip #2
6:54 – Tip #3
8:39 – Tip #4
9:31 – Final thoughts

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