Building an OBM agency was one of my most challenging yet rewarding efforts. But sometimes, good things gotta go on hold. Here’s why my OBM agency is on pause (for now)…

If you’ve followed my journey at all, you probably have seen how my business. Just like the businesses of the inspiring women I train today, it has evolved and changed course over time.

When I first started out, I was quite literally a solopreneur. I was totally on my own without a team I could rely on, and my roster of clients just kept on growing. But hold on – working from home and being your own boss? With a sh*t-ton of clients to boot – isn’t that the dream, I hear you ask?!

The ironic thing is, I began to feel overwhelmed and overworked, which is exactly what I help my clients NOT to be.(Tweet it!)

I was scared at the prospect of taking that leap and growing a team. So, I put my leadership skills to the test and began to train up a team of OBMs because my business goals weren’t attainable solo. They then worked alongside me as part of my OBM agency.

At this point, I thought I had it ALL. My sparkling new website looked amazing, my client roster was bursting at the seams, plus I had a strong team of 3 Full Time OBMs and VAs keeping things afloat. I even began hitting $100k months! Yet somehow, something still didn’t feel right.

What went wrong?

Despite all this success on the surface, I was STILL working 24/7. The hours were not only long but incredibly hard and I ALWAYS had to be available. Why? Because I felt like if the clients lost touch with me, then I’d lose their support altogether. Not to mention the guilt I felt towards my OBMs.

I felt that in order to fully ‘show up’ for my OBMs, I HAD to be down in the dirt doing the same as everybody else.

As a mom with a growing family. trying to juggle diaper changes and feeds alongside managing clients AND a team of OBMs, I came to a dawning realization. My heart just wasn’t in it any more.

Fast forward to baby number 3, and my family is 100% my main priority. That’s when I decided to bite the bullet and put my OBM agency on hold to focus on running the training OBMs via my flagship Accelerator Program. In fact, it was spooky how this shift happened so naturally. Once I set my intention to it, I got serious about how I wanted my business to operate.

One of my main goals is to help inspiring women become kick-ass CEO’s — leveling-up their businesses to become lucrative and fulfilling without compromising simple pleasures like family time.

Going deeper into my journey.

It’s safe to say that building my business has been an incredible rollercoaster of a journey so far. I’m eager to share my story with you guys because I know that you can also conquer your growing pains and scale your business without half of the hassle I went through (if only I’d known this then!).

So after TWO YEARS in the making, I’m super excited to let you guys in on some killer content that I’ve brewed up with none other than Claire Pelletreau. Claire is a world-renowned badass Facebook and Instagram Ad expert, as well as the creator of the iconic ‘Get Paid Podcast’. The podcast features inspiring entrepreneurs from across the globe and I’m so proud to star in my very own episode.

I joined Claire to go deep into my journey of how moving to Israel sparked up my journey as a momtrepreneur. We also cover all things online biz-related, like why your business needs an OBM, scaling your agency, and the dos and don’ts of building your team.

Tune in below to listen to my story and hear the realities behind growing your own biz.


-What the heck is an OBM? [3:48]

-My unique agency-internship model [6:25]

-How moving to Israel sparked my journey as a VA [10:44]

-The focus bleed [21:17]

-Hiring full-time employees [25:55]

-Why I’m shifting away from an agency model [39:38]

-What I would change about how I ran my agency the first time [1:00:25]

-Living in a kibbutz and raising a family in Israel [1:08:14]


Now over to you: As a mompreneur, how do you relate to my story? Share a piece of your journey with me in the comments below!