Hitting $10k months is the stuff of dreams for many freelancers. If you’re just starting out as an OBM, or you’re feeling capped at your current rates with no room to take on more clients, reaching that kind of figure can seem totally impossible… but here’s the thing – you totally CAN!

I meet a lot of new and aspiring OBMs who tell me that this is their ultimate goal. And many of them don’t believe that they have the ability to achieve that kind of success.

My answer? Why the F not?!

Confidence and lack of self belief are your biggest enemies! I’m a firm believer that anyone can hit $10k months. It simply requires two key ingredients:

1. Having the confidence to position yourself at a level that reflects your true worth.

2. Investing in your skillset so that you can get your clients the real results that reflect your worth.

And that’s exactly what my Certified OBM® graduate LaToya Russell did.

How LaToya hit $10k months as a Certified OBM®

In a story very similar to my own, LaToya quit her corporate hustle to become a Virtual Assistant prior to training as a Certified OBM®. She was making a steady $2k/month, but that simply wasn’t where she wanted to be.

With a young daughter to provide for, LaToya wanted MORE for her and her family. However, she still wanted the flexibility to be a mom, alongside become a 5-figure-hitting entrepreneur.

LaToya enrolled in the OBM Certification program and committed to making her dreams a reality. And boy did she knock it out of the park!

Life after Certification

Fast forward to now, she’s making more than 5X her former VA salary. She’s totally outdone her dream figure of $10k months, she has her own team of 3, and better still, she doesn’t have to compromise on her mom duties.

I caught up with LaToya to get the full scoop on how she made those $10k months her reality, and to discuss her journey from VA to Certified OBM®. I hope this inspires you to go after your dream goals!


[0:50] What life looked like after LaToya became a Certified OBM®
[1:55] VA rates vs Certified OBM® rates
[3:00] What Certified OBM® clients look like vs VA clients
[6:30] Hesitations around signing up for the OBM Certification Program
[8:15] Balancing mom life and OBM life
[9:20] The most difficult part of the program
[12:45] What LaToya’s team looks like now
[14:56] How long it took to hit her financial goals once Certified
[15:50] LaToya’s advice for aspiring Certified OBMs®


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Now over to you: Got questions about getting Certified or want advice on how to hit 10k months in your business? Drop me a comment below!




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