Two of the most common questions that regularly come into my inbox are: 

  1. Sarah, I want to be an OBM! How do I get started?
  2. Sarah, I’d love to hire an OBM. Do you have any tips or recommendations?

So when the incredible Gillian Perkins asked me to join her on the Work Less, Earn More podcast, it was a fantastic opportunity to spill the tea on all things OBM! 

Gillian herself enlisted the services of an OBM to transform her business, when she realized that she was “wired for the bigger picture, and not so much the nitty gritty daily tasks”. She knew her time was better spent on being a visionary leader, rather than managing the team’s day-to-day operations.

Having an OBM on board has allowed Gillian to focus on the revenue-generating activities that help scale her business. As a result, she feels more energized and motivated about spending time on her business. She now operates in her zone of genius!

In the interview, I spoke with Gillian about the steps needed to get started as an OBM, what to look for if you’re considering hiring an OBM, and why OBMs are such a valuable asset to a business.

If you’re thinking about becoming an OBM, or you’re interested to learn more about how an OBM can assist in your business, this episode is for you! Listen below now.

EP 74: How to Become (or Hire!) an OBM with Sarah Noked

Sarah Noked How to become or hire an OBM podcast gillian perkins work less earn more
Here’s a rundown of what I cover in the episode:
  • My journey from corporate business employee, to Online Business Manager and OBM Trainer
  • The key indicating factors business owners should look for to know if they are ready to add an OBM to their team 
  • The big differentiators between the role of Virtual Assistant and OBM
  • How aspiring OBMs can leverage their unique personality traits and experience in the OBM role (no matter what their background!)
  • How to start working as an OBM (even if you’ve never worked online before!) 
  • What the typical range of OBM rates are
  • How business owners can find and hire an OBM for their business, and how to prepare for onboarding an OBM

Free download: OBM Starter Kit

Interested in becoming an Online Business Manager? Start by downloading my free OBM Starter Kit. You’ll discover what an OBM is, the types of clients we work with, and a step-by-step action plan for setting up your virtual office.

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