First impressions count – and none more so than with your OBM clients. You need to knock their socks off from the word go! And one great way to do that is by creating a compelling client welcome kit.

There’s no greater feeling for us OBMs & VAs than scoring a new client. It makes you do a little happy dance around your kitchen. It gives you that confidence boost we ALL need from time to time, and (let’s be real here) it gives you that extra financial security you need as a solopreneur.

However, before you onboard a new client, one of the best ways to ensure you make that hire-worthy first impression is by buttoning up your welcome kit. This is a crucial component in your OBM package and should land in a lead’s inbox before you even have a discovery call.

Having a killer client welcome kit doesn’t just give a warm welcome to your potential new client. It also displays your professionalism, and shows your value from the beginning.

It’s a huge time saver when you’re onboarding too, ensuring the process runs smoothly and quickly. Then when you start getting into specifics, it helps clients thoroughly understand the services you’re offering, your processes, and your terms and conditions.

After raving about the value of client welcome kits, it’s only right that I give you a helping hand in creating yours! So here are my four top tips for crafting a badass welcome kit for your own OBM biz.

Highlight the perks of working with you

I like to use this section of my client welcome kit to include both the standard and the unique-to-my-business perks of working with an OBM. If you’re just starting out as a VA or OBM, be sure to include your (fast!) turnaround time on both correspondence (emails, calls) and tasks.

Got a team? Drive home all of the perks & extra attention the potential client will enjoy when they’re being taken care of by a team. If they’re not already working with a project management tool, let them know that you’ll set them up with a dedicated project in your PM tool of choice. At Sarah Noked OBM we live and BREATHE Teamwork PM.

However if you really want to wow them, include a service that they get for FREE when they sign on to work with you. Back when I was working as an OBM, all of my clients got on-the-house metrics reporting on a monthly basis. But you can offer anything that your particular client avatar will find handy. Think admin tasks that you can easily automate and delegate to an assistant. Things like website backups, theme/plugin updates, or even monthly de-spamming if you’re feeling extra generous!

Don’t be afraid to brag!

If you just got a rave review from a client (well-known or not) that shiz should be showcased! Pictures and glowing recommendations are some of the most powerful marketing out there.

Get clear on your onboarding procedure

I was never shy about passing along my welcome kit to even the most tentative potential client (hell, you gotta be in it to win it!). It’s not something that should be saved for clients who have signed a contract. It should be a roadmap that shows potential clients exactly what it’s like to work with you.

I would send my welcome kit to potential clients the moment they signed up for a discovery call with me. And in addition, I clearly mapped out my onboarding procedure from start to finish.

For example, here’s how I did it. Tell the potential client that they’ll start with a discovery call and give some brief info on what will be covered in the call. Then detail what happens after their discovery call (a proposal, a quote, and an invoice). Also, give them details about the Kick Off Strategy Call that’s a required (and separate) purchase for all new retainer clients.

Set client expectations early (and cover yo ass!)

On which days and during which hours are you and your team available for client work and meetings? What’s the turnaround time on emails? What’s the turnaround time on projects? Do you guarantee the same turnaround time if the client changes the scope of the project in the middle of your work? (#hellno) Which timezone do you work in? Which holidays do you take off? Clients who read your welcome pack should understand what they can expect from you and what they can’t.

Listen, I loved my clients DEARLY. But I knew that a lot of them didn’t thoroughly read my welcome kit when they started services. That’s not ideal (but to be frank, it’s none of my business). My former team and I rarely ran into issues of whacked out client expectations. But when we did, we had an ironclad alibi:

“I’m sorry to hear you’re upset that I wasn’t able to (respond to your email, put out a fire, move mountains, or cast a magic spell on {DAY}). I encourage you to revisit the welcome kit you received at the beginning of our working relationship to review my team’s availability and ensure we’re all on the same page moving forward!”

Now over to you: What’s the status of your welcome kit? Got one? Working on one? If you have any tips on creating a welcome kit, or have any questions on buttoning yours up, let me know in the comments below!