Making a corporate escape is the only way to get full flexibility in your career and to feel truly satisfied when busting your butt. Don’t just take my word for it – hear it from those who know best…


If I had a dollar for every time somebody told me how much they HATE their corporate 9-5…

I could retire from my job once and for all and be swimming in a pool of money in the Bahamas like this:

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Ok, ok – I know I’m no Beyonce, but a girl can dream, right?!

ANYWAY – Isn’t it depressing to hear time and time again how much everybody loathes their corporate hustle?

And isn’t it even MORE depressing being that person who lives that corporate life and feels like crap about it?

I know that feeling better than anyone, because that was me once upon a time.

Considering how we spend more time in our places of work each week than we do at home with our families, it’s even MORE terrible for us not to enjoy what we do.

And THAT is why I get so much joy out of helping women build their own online businesses. I want YOU to experience that shift from corporate crap to kickass entrepreneur that feels SO EFFING GOOD.

So with that said, February’s theme here on the blog is “The Corporate Escape”. I’ll be giving you all the inspo you need to bust out of those corporate shackles once and for all and create a career that thrives on YOUR terms.

If you’ve been following me or my blog ’til now, I’m sure you already know a LOT about me and my journey from corporate work horse to OBM trainer. So now I want to shine the spotlight on other badass females just like YOU who have escaped the corporate grind themselves and are KILLING IT as successful online business owners.

This week, I’m joined by one of my past students Emily Sedillo. Scroll to the bottom of this post to watch my one-on-one interview with Emily and find out how she made her corporate escape went on to earn MORE than her six-figure corporate salary within 7 months of becoming a Online Business Manager.

But first – a little bit of a background on Emily’s journey to badass boss lady.

Emily’s Corporate Escape Story

When I first met Emily, she was coming straight outta corporate. She’d been hustling for 18 years for huge multinational companies. Her main role was as a program manager and software developer, alongside some project management responsibilities (a VERY useful transferable skill for OBMs).

Here’s the thing – even though Emily didn’t hate her job (in fact, she really loved it), she couldn’t help but feel like she wanted MORE.

She wanted MORE than just coding on a computer each day. She wanted MORE variety in her career. And she wanted MORE freedom to live life on her own terms.

“I loved the technical aspect of my work, but I missed the people component” says Emily. “I also really wanted to escape corporate and help other small business owners too, rather than big corporations.”

But the most important thing to Emily? She wanted to MATCH her six figure corporate salary. And boy did she make that happen (and then some!).

Becoming an Online Business Manager

Before jumping on a discovery call with me, Emily had flirted with the idea of becoming a VA. But she found it just wasn’t enough to hit her specific financial goals.

“I got into facebook groups for VAs to see what was going on and if it was a career option. Whilst in there, I saw a thread on how much money they made. People were posting numbers but they weren’t the numbers I was looking for” says Emily. “I knew I needed to match my salary outside of corporate. However, I noticed there weren’t a whole lot of ways to do that.”

That’s when Emily discovered the career path to becoming an OBM. This would give her the capability to hit her financial targets and give her the flexibility that she craved.

But Emily was scared. She desperately wanted to escape corporate, but she couldn’t help feeling a little selfish. “I’d never spent a lot of money on myself or anything that didn’t directly benefit my family or my two kids” says Emily.

Did she have any niggling feelings about taking the leap? Of course! Who doesn’t?! “I couldn’t help but think ‘What if i invest and then don’t do anything with it?’ I had no evidence to prove to myself that I could be successful at this. But speaking with Sarah really gave me the confidence boost that I needed. I realised ‘I can do this, just like other OBMs are!’”

So what does her OBM biz look like now? And how long did it take for Emily to reach her goals?

Building an OBM Biz

Fast track to 7 months after Emily made the transition. She’s completely replaced her corporate salary and even earns MORE than before. “It happened a lot faster than I thought it would!”, says Emily.

So what contributed to that speed? “A lot of pushing through fear” she says. “I took lots of advice I got from Sarah and advice I got when going through the OBM training program. Before that, I wasn’t confident. It was uncomfortable and unfamiliar. It took some tough love to get my butt moving.”

Emily now has 3 secure, high-paying OBM clients. She even has a real desk with one of those clients locally. Yes, she has to actually get dressed to go there – bummer! However, that gives her the physical interactions she feels she needs in order to thrive.

Even her kids have noticed the difference in her since she started to work on her own terms. “My kids noticed I’m excited. They notice my happiness. I now have more time for them and they’re seeing the difference between me ‘choosing’ my life and working for someone else. As an OBM, I’m giving my kids the entrepreneurial education they don’t get in school.

So what advice would Emily give to someone sitting at their corporate desk, dreaming about life on the other side?

“Write out your ‘Why?’. It takes some effort but it’s the best thing to do at first. I keep mine on a sticky note where I can see it every day, as a constant reminder of WHY this was the right decision for me and why I need to trust my choice.”

Feeling inspired by Emily’s story? Watch the full interview below!

Now over to you: If you had to write down your ‘why’ on a sticky note, what would it say? Why is being an entrepreneur the right career path for you? I’d love to hear from you!