Are you curious about how to get started as an Online Business Manager, but are just feeling a bit overwhelmed by the prospect? If so, look no further because I’m here to give you the only blueprint you will need to kickstart your OBM career. Bringing you over two-decades worth of knowledge and experience in the form of bite-sized goals so you can make it happen, step by step and without the overwhelm!

First thing’s first, you should know that anyone can become an Online Business Manager. We have helped individuals from all sorts of professional backgrounds transform their lives as OBMs. Whether they came from corporate, bookkeeping, working as a virtual assistant, etcetera–they were all able to capitalize on their transferable skills and use them to get started as an Online Business Manager. Which is something that we are going to talk about today.

And truly, if they can do it, you can too!

Becoming an Online Business Manager offers a real solution to saying goodbye to your 9-5 or transforming your virtual “side hustle”, so that you can work from home, or work from anywhere with confidence! Being an OBM can help you achieve that sweet work-life balance and give you the freedom – both financially and in terms of time – to live life on your own terms.

So, if you are curious about establishing yourself in the virtual space as an Online Business Manager, then make sure to watch the video below in full. Afterall, it’s your key to getting started on that OBM business checklist and taking actionable steps to make your dream career a reality.

Watch it now to discover:

  • Our top FIVE tips for online business success as a valuable OBM.
  • What “transferable skills” you may already have, and how you can use them to build this business from zero
  • Examples of what past students have done to find success, the exact tech stack that you should be using from day 1 in your business, and more hidden golden nuggets that will help you make this work.
  • Some exciting opportunities that you can use to take action and start making money as an Online Business Manager right now!

Click on the preview below to watch now:

If you actively follow this blueprint, we KNOW that you will be able to get started as an Online Business Manager in no time! And remember, it is not a race! It may take time, it may be challenging…but anything worth having or doing in life is.

If you are eager for EVEN MORE information that will help you get started…we’ve got you covered.

1/ Make sure you check out our “Day in the Life of an OBM” series on YouTube to discover real life examples of motivated entrepreneurs just like you who have opened up their world of possibilities by becoming OBMs.

2/ If you are looking for just the right program to give you everything you need to get started as an OBM, you definitely need to check out the OBM Accelerator.

When you become a part of our program, you’ll benefit from the guidance of our experienced OBM mentors and will gain access to a comprehensive set of templates, tools, and resources essential for your journey as an Online Business Manager.

If you have any questions about the OBM path, feel free to drop a comment on this YouTube Video as you watch.

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