Looking to get started as an Online Business Manager in 2022? Worried that a lack of experience working online or management might hold you back? Well, fear not! Read on to learn my top strategies for how you can start working from home as an OBM this coming year (even if you’ve NEVER worked online before!).

When I first started out as an OBM over a decade ago, the role was almost unheard of. It was much harder back then to find great clients to work with. I had very few OBM role models to get advice from. And I made TONS of mistakes along the way that stunted my business growth.

Hell, I’ll even admit that I charged my first client NOTHING. Crazy, right?!

Fortunately, the digital space has changed a LOT since then, and there’s an abundance of lucrative opportunities in the OBM space waiting to be snapped up. Especially in the last few years, the OBM industry has grown at lightspeed, due to a BIG demand for help as businesses expand their online offerings. As a result, there’s never been a better time than now to go “all in” and get started as an Online Business Manager.

As many people have gotten a taste of the freedom and flexibility that working from home offers, it’s also easy to understand why more people than ever before are looking to permanently shift from the constraints of a corporate job to working as an online service provider.

Speaking from experience (and the experiences of hundreds of my students), I know that having the freedom to plan my schedule, the ability to choose who to work with, and being able to work from anywhere, has the power to totally transform your life!

That’s why in this video, I’m sharing my top tips for how you can set yourself up for success as an OBM in 2022. Whether you’re dabbling with the idea of transitioning into a career online and want to learn more about the role before making the leap, or you’re a virtual assistant looking to grow your business, this video is for you!

Watch now and you’ll discover:

  • How to get started as an Online Business Manager in 2022 (even if you have ZERO previous experience working online)
  • My top #5 juiciest tips for getting your OBM business off the ground
  • The must-have tech you need in place to start attracting the right OBM clients
  • Plus: simple yet practical exercises you can do now to start flexing your OBM muscles

Click on the preview below to watch now:

Here’s a rundown of what I cover in this video:

[01:09] Mistakes I made when starting out as an OBM
[02:21] Why you SHOULDN’T discount the skills you already have
[03:41] Tip #1 – Leverage your transferable skills
[07:51] Tip #2 – Invest in yourself
[10:30] Tip #3 – Find your community
[12:35] Tip #4 – Find role models
[13:28] Tip #5 – Create goals for yourself
[17:44] Final words of advice for OBMs in 2022

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