Are you ready for this?

Let us begin with a big question, who do you need? This is often easy to conceptualize but hard to put on paper.

During this planning phase you need to consider, what kind of team member do you need now? What will you need in 6 months? If you are not totally sure just yet, take out a pen & paper or a new spreadsheet and write down all of your recurring tasks. Keep it ready so you don’t miss anything because systems matter.

As a general idea, VAs are there to complete tasks. If you have a loooooong list of ‘to-dos’ then a VA can help you check off those recurring tasks. They’ll be looking for plenty of direction so be sure to have SOPs and a process in place. If you need someone to manage a small team or project independently then an OBM can help in going from concept to execution.

If your need is someone to take a project and own it from concept to completion, then you need an Online Business Manager for higher level strategizing. They help with team management, launch management, payment systems, and contractor organizing.

Something that business owners appreciate is that you are not an OBMs client, your business is. OBMs will audit your business then present you with what they find. It will be honest and include a plan to bring your business to where it needs to be for healthy growth.

As with any hire, we have to set a high standard for applicants. Any Certified OBM can easily strategize and implement projects with your business in mind. During your interview have this small cheat sheet handy:

  1. Are they asking questions, or just saying “yes”
  2. Do they have a Project Management Tool that they prefer? Why?
  3. Have they reviewed your website?
  4. Are they speaking negatively about clients?
  5. How eager are they to strategize?
  6. Can they handle heavy implementation until a VA can be brought on?
  7. Are they roarin’ to go?

Each OBM came to the industry for their own reasons. They are entrepreneurs who have an unquenchable fire in their bellies to help other online businesses kick butt! Many OBMs have expertise in copywriting, web design, graphic design, or any other skill that hey brought from their previous career. To find the right team member for you, see which one is most passionate about the tools you will need to move forward.

OBMs should have a network of contractors and support staff ready to go, faster than a care-bear can blast a rainbow across a room. We are a well-connected and supportive bunch.

Due Diligence
If you are ready to move forward with an Online Business Manager, then trust your instincts. We are an energetic and self-motivated breed. What you see on a discovery call is what you get. Ask for references, ask for their rate. If the rate is high, there’s probably a reason. What if you go with them? What if you don’t???