The more you understand about who your ideal OBM client is, the easier it will be to attract them and ensure fruitful, long-term working relationships. But what key characteristics should you be looking out for in order to determine if a client is right for your business? Read on to discover my top tips for identifying exactly who your ideal OBM client is and how to land them!

One thing I always stress to my OBM School students is the importance of determining who your ideal OBM client is. Defining who they are, and focusing your efforts on working with the very best clients for your business, is crucial to your growth, security, and continued success as an Online Business Manager.

Back when I was running my OBM agency, an essential element of my success was ensuring that I could pack out our roster with solid, dependable clients. I needed to maintain a steady stream of revenue for both business and my OBMs, and it was super important for me to mitigate the costs of client onboarding and offboarding as I was growing my business.

So when getting clear on who the ideal OBM client was for my business, I focused on working with retainer clients who’d be in it for the long haul. And in order to find these clients, there were important questions I needed to ask before entering into a working relationship.

Could I resonate with their business vision and values? Was the client bringing in enough steady revenue to enlist my services long term? Were they in the right growth mindset to hand over the reins of their business to an OBM, and make the time investment necessary to ensure a successful transition?

By answering these key questions, and nailing down exactly who your ideal OBM client is, you’ll ensure that you build thriving, lasting working relationships with clients who truly value what you do. Having clients that energize and inspire you will also increase your productivity and happiness, allowing you to give a top-notch service experience to your clients.

Whether you’re starting out as an OBM and finding your first clients, or you’re a seasoned OBM looking to level up your client roster, the tips in this video will help you figure out who your ideal client is and how to land them. Or if you’re looking to hire an OBM, this video will help you get clear on whether or not you’re ready to do so.

Watch it now and you’ll discover:

  • My top 4 tips for identifying who your ideal OBM client is
  • The important questions that EVERY OBM should be asking potential clients (and the “taboo” question that most OBMs overlook)
  • How to do your due diligence in order to find reliable, long-term OBM clients
  • Plus: the key indicators that show a business is really ready to hire an OBM (and the red flags to look out for!)

Click on the preview below to watch now:

Here’s a rundown of what I cover in this video:

[00:13] Clarifying who the “Ideal OBM Client” is
[01:19] Special announcement: OBM School Directory
[02:52] Tip #1 – Personality
[04:13] Tip #2 – Revenue
[08:32] Tip #3 – Mindset
[10:52] Tip #4 – Time
[14:16] Final words of advice about OBM clients

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