Pre-call prep, talking points, pitching – sales conversations can be nerve-wracking even for the most experienced salesperson. Read on for my 7 top tips on how to successfully lead any sales call with confidence!

As an online service provider, a sales call (aka – discovery call) is arguably the most important conversation you’ll have with a new client. First impressions count – and this is your opportunity to “wow” them as they get to know you!

Sales calls are a key part of the lead qualification process. They’re typically the first interaction you have with the client after they enquire about enlisting your services.

Effectively prepping before you hop on a discovery call is key to understanding a client’s problems, priorities, and goals so that you can effectively sell to them. It’s also crucial for determining whether you and a client are the right fit to enter into a long-lasting working relationship.

In my latest video, I’m diving into my best sales call strategies for leading the call with confidence, and wow-ing your new clients. Watch it now and you’ll discover:

  • My top 7 sales call tips for making a strong first impression
  • The most important questions to ask potential clients on the call
  • Why pre-call preparation is crucial to a successful conversation (and the practical steps you can take to do your due diligence!)
  • How to understand your client’s pain points, priorities, and goals so you can effectively pitch your services

Click on the preview below to watch now:

Here’s a rundown of what I cover in this video:

  • [00:03:01] Tip #1 – Client Intake Questionnaire
  • [00:03:55] Tip #2 – Due Diligence
  • [00:05:24] Why Pre-Call Prep is So Important
  • [00:07:50] Tip #3 – Limit the Time
  • [00:10:20] Tip #4 – Lead the Call
  • [00:12:30] Tip #5 – Ask for Permission to Make the Sale
  • [00:12:45] Tip #6 – Know What You’re Going to Sell
  • [00:14:55] Tip #7 – Follow Up in a Timely Manner

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