They say hindsight is 20/20 – and I can tell you that when it comes to running a business that’s definitely been my experience. So if I could go back in time, what would I have done differently with the intel I’ve gained after a decade (+) of my entrepreneurial journey? Read on to get the advice that I WISH someone had told me before starting my OBM business, plus my top tips for successfully getting your online business off the ground!

Some of the biggest struggles solopreneurs and aspiring OBMs face are the uncertainties and doubts of starting a new venture. Is it the right time to start a new business? Do I have the skills necessary for this to work out? What important pieces should I have in place before starting my OBM business?

You might be tempted to wait for a sign or the perfect opportunity to get your business up and running. But here’s a truth bomb… If you’re really determined to start, the best time to do it is NOW.

Don’t wait for the seas to part, the stars to align, or everything on your checklist of “what needs to be in place before I begin” to suddenly be marked complete. Because I’m going to give this to you straight – that’s likely not going to happen. Our bodies are physiologically always going to try to keep you in this safe space of comfort and starting a business requires stepping out of your comfort zone.

That being said, there are a handful of things that you should be marking off that checklist as you get started. Things like, getting the support you need (like a great coach!), researching what the OBM role is, or making use of free video resources. You can also find a great community of like minded peers to reach out to when industry questions come up, or join groups that interest you to help you get noticed by the type of clients you’d love to work with. Personally, I’d have been LOST without the power of community when starting my OBM business!

​​I’ve learnt a LOT about what works and what doesn’t in the world of online business over the last decade. In this video, I’m revealing what I’d change if I were to start my OBM business over, and serving up my best advice so that you can get a headstart when getting your OBM business off the ground.

Watch it now and you’ll discover:

  • How to avoid procrastination paralysis when getting your online business up and running
  • My top 7 practical tips for successfully starting your OBM business
  • The #1 MOST important element every OBM business should have in place
  • The solid advice I WISH I’d received when starting my OBM business (which took me a decade of entrepreneurship to learn!)

Click on the preview below to watch now:

Here’s a rundown of what I cover in this video:

[01:27] Tip #1: Start sooner rather than later
[02:42] Tip #2: Build relationships
[04:15] Tip #3: Team
[05:44] Tip #4: Avoid partnerships
[07:18] Tip #5: Set goals
[08:03] Tip #6: Button-up your business
[09:39] Tip #7: Avoid advice overload

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