How does your virtual team thrive? *Deep breath* with systems & tech!

I spoke with Lisette Sutherland of the Collaboration Super Powers podcast about how to keep your virtual team strong while working remotely. It may seem simple from a birds-eye view, but there are a lot of moving parts in play. As you already know, systems are key to any business and extra vital to a virtual team. SOP’s aren’t sexy, but hear me out, taking a vacation is! What’s more, when a team member calls in sick, SOPs save the day! Tasks are reassigned to a coworker with ease.

We use a lot of tech. Our tech stack looks a little bit like this: Teamwork PM, Loom, Calendly, Zoom, Ontraport, Recurpost, and a bunch of others make our business what it is. Perhaps, the most important is Teamwork Chat. This Slack alternative creates the human buzz that is our business. We work remotely, at times around the globe, but an organized chat program makes every feel connected.

Your business is made of people, systems can be cold but your team should always be hot! (Tweet it!) How do you know you’ll love your team. It all starts with systems and hiring. Want to know more? Listen to my interview with Lisette Sutherland of Collaboration Super Powers here.

If you are as excited as we are about systems and want to get started, check out our system for systems! Download our SOP template here.

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