As a Certified OBM® Trainer, nothing gives me more joy and satisfaction than seeing my graduates’ OBM journeys unfold and watching them FLOURISH in the online space.

‘Cause hey, I’ve been there! And I know just how frickin’ GOOD it feels to be making the money you want whilst being able to live life by your own design.

This week, I’ve drafted in one of my star students – Certified OBM® Rachel Aiken – to tell you the story of her OBM journey. Rachel has gone from leaving a 15-year career as a school teacher, to setting up her own OBM biz, and she’s EVEN got her own TED Talk in the pipeline. Seriously amazing stuff!

I hope this inspires you to make the next big move in your business, whatever that may be. Let’s dive in!

Rachel’s OBM Journey

Rachel’s OBM journey began two and a half years ago when she decided she didn’t want to miss out on spending important time with her little ones. She also longed to be able to spend summers with her brother at his home in Canada. But Rachel’s full-time teaching career simply didn’t work around that lifestyle she wanted so badly.

After trawling Google for an avenue that would work for her, Rachel enrolled in a social media management course. “It was a great place to start”, Rachel says. “It wasn’t for me but it got me familiar and comfortable with the tech tools I use in my OBM role.”

Rachel then considered becoming a Virtual Assistant. “I knew I could be a VA. I already had project management experience, and I’d worked with top-level staff in universities throughout my teaching career.” But that’s when her business coach stepped in. “She told me, ‘You need to be an OBM’, and my initial reaction was ‘What the hell is that?!’ ”

Upon reading the Becoming an OBM book, Rachel knew that being an OBM was her calling. “I was made for more and I wanted to have a bigger impact. I realized I already had the skills needed to be an OBM and that I was capable of putting strategies in place.”

In a huge stroke of luck, Rachel then found her first OBM client at a networking event BEFORE she’d enrolled on the program. “I was open with her about what I wanted to do, and I knew I was ready to go all in and start working at that level. I wanted to do it properly and have the certificate to back up my skillset, so I signed up and that was the beginning!”

Finding Her Way In The Online World

Rachel got her qualification as a Certified OBM® in January 2019 – in the same cohort as her new-found biz bestie Melissa (another of my incredible OBM grads!). And it’s safe to say she hit the ground running!

“The first thing I did was change all of my marketing messaging because I wanted to reach out to 6 & 7 figure businesses. I had my initial OBM client, then I signed another two months after finishing the program, and onboarded my third client in May. And that client found me, that was the beauty of it! They had a 7-figure hitting business, so for me, it was incredible that they chose me to work with.”

Jumping into working with 7-figure businesses wasn’t an easy ride for Rachel. “The first client I got after the Certification was a hot mess”, she recalls. “It was really tricky because the business was all over the place, the team was all over the place, and nothing was consistent. When it’s messy like that it’s so easy to lose your head and get caught up in all the drama. But to be able to unpick everything and put it back together was so interesting and really rewarding.”

Rachel quickly realized that the key to stepping up as a leader in those tricky situations was reminding herself that SHE was the expert. That’s what her clients had brought her in for, and that’s what they were paying her for. “The OBM Certification taught me so much about leadership and leading with an expert mindset, and I really had to keep reminding myself that that was my role. When things got tough I told myself that I am the expert, I’m the one who knows how to do this, and that’s what I need to focus on.”

Life As A Certified OBM®

So where is Rachel at in her OBM journey a year after getting Certified?

“One thing I’ve perfected is the 90-Day Plan from the program. That’s now the basis of my main service. My superpower is picking out the potential in people and helping them see it. So now I work with clients on a 90-day basis. I go in and sort out their business, and then at the end of that period, I help them find an OBM to continue working with them. That’s what I love and that’s what I do well.”

Rachel’s OBM journey has also been one of personal growth. She had to do a lot of ‘inner work’ over the last two years and harness that all-important confidence. “For me to be the CEO of my business, I needed to be confident in myself too”, she says.

Like a lot of OBMs, it’s also business for usual for Rachel in the midst of this pandemic we’re in. In fact, the rest of the world is just beginning to catch up with us! “Us OBMs are so resilient. We know how to take action and step up! We take risks all the time, and if anything that’s prepared us well for this situation we’re in now. The online world is its own micro-economy and for us online business owners, not much have changed. Clients still want our services and in fact, we’re more in demand than ever.”

Rachel’s final pearls of wisdom for all aspiring Certified OBMs®? “You just have to OWN IT! Own your pricing, own your expertise, and own your confidence.”

Become a Certified OBM®

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