Want the most real and honest insights into the daily life of an OBM? Who better to speak to than our OBMs themselves! It’s time for another OBM Spotlight!

If you’ve tuned into any of my previous OBM Spotlight videos, you’ll know by now that no two days in the OBM world (and no two OBMs!) are the same! After all, one of the beautiful things about being an OBM is having the freedom & flexibility to design your day in a way that suits you.

In this OBM Spotlight interview, I’m joined by Online Business Manager and former student of mine, Julie Calcote. Julie is giving us a behind-the-scenes look at what a day in the life of an OBM looks like for her.

Julie is an Online Business Manager and creative business strategist from Alaska, USA. After working in the legal sector for almost a decade, Julie took the plunge and trained with me to become an OBM back in 2019.

Now, she runs her own Online Business Management agency, as well as giving guidance and support to our OBM School students in her role as an OBM Mentor. Her zone of genius lies in partnering with 6 and 7-figure entrepreneurs who have big ideas, but need the support and systems of an OBM to simplify and shine.

Watch Julie’s OBM Spotlight interview below to discover:

  • The truth about what it was like transitioning from Virtual Assistant to Online Business Manager
  • Why Julie uses the “Pomodoro Timer Technique” to balance working hours with dedicated chill time throughout her day (an amazing tip for procrastinators!)
  • How working with clients who share her values allows Julie to prioritize her kids & family
  • PLUS: Julie’s #1 piece of advice for aspiring OBMs

Whether you’re interested in becoming an OBM, working with one, or you’re new to online work and want to learn more about the role, this is for you!

Click on the preview below to watch now:

Here’s a rundown of what I cover in this video:

  • [01:32] Introduction to Julie
  • [02:22] How Julie found the OBM role
  • [03:26] What a day in the life of an OBM looks like for Julie
  • [07:25] Setting client boundaries
  • [09:05] Transitioning from VA to OBM
  • [12:24] Being a “generalist” vs a “specialist” OBM
  • [14:01] Balancing mom life with OBM work
  • [16:06] Julie’s advice for new or aspiring OBMs

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