Confident OBM™ Week
with Sarah Noked 
August 23-26, 2021 @ 2:00 PM ET
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Learn simple and powerful strategies for starting and scaling a thriving business as an Online Business Manager.


During OBM Week, You'll Learn:
 ⇒ Day 1: How to Get Started as an OBM

Let’s do this! You'll learn all about the systems you need to get started as an Online Business Manager, the importance of nailing down your 'why', and the “winning combo” of OBM skills that will ensure you're an invaluable asset to your client’s business!

Day 2: Tackling the Tech Tools

Tech can be overwhelming—especially as the tools quickly evolve. On day 2 we'll be diving into the tech tools you need to run a tight ship in the online space for you and your clients (even if you're a technophobe)!

Day 3: Packaging & Pricing Your OBM Services

It doesn’t come more juicy than this - you’ll get ALL of my proven strategies on what services you can offer as an OBM, how to own your value when it comes to pricing, AND how to create your unique OBM package. You don’t want to miss this!

Day 4: How to Confidently Land High-Paying "Stepping Stone" OBM Clients

It’s time to discover where your perfect OBM clients are hiding, and learn exactly who the right client is at each stage of your OBM journey. You'll also learn my proven strategies for creating a killer dating project that will knock your clients socks off (and make them want to keep you forever!).

OBM Week is a must-attend if you're...

  • A VA who’s ready to stop “working FOR” businesses and start “working WITH” high-end clients. You’ve done an amazing job as a VA but now you’re ready to take the next step and level-up!

  • An OBM who’s ROCKING IT for your clients. You want to hone in your skill set, work with fewer clients and earn more money. You just need some direction and training in order to be better where you’re already at.

  • A corporate hustler who's ready to break free from your 9-5, live life on your own terms, and make your work-from-home dreams a reality. You have a ton of corporate skills that you can supercharge, you just need the right training and strategies to leverage them!


About Sarah Noked

Sarah is the founder and CEO of Sarah Noked OBM. Over the last decade she has grown from a VA solopreneur to an Online Business Manager and trainer.

Leading with a systems mindset, Sarah has trained hundreds of students and teams worldwide to grow thriving online businesses that run on streamlined systems and team.

Sarah’s main focus lies in using her decade of industry knowledge to help aspiring online service professionals sustainably start + scale profitable online businesses.

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