Branding your business can be one of the most challenging things to do when you’re first starting out. We’ve all spent hours, days, maybe even weeks (or months!) trying to come up with the perfect name, logo design, website design and all the other details for our businesses. But as your business grows, there might come a time when your business name and brand no longer reflect your vision, or your business is heading in a different direction than you once imagined… which might mean it’s time to rebrand (or in my case “up-brand”). After a decade of working as an OBM, starting my OBM agency, training and creating OBM courses I realized that my personal brand, “Sarah Noked OBM”, no longer properly represented the programs I was offering. Which meant that I needed a new name, a new logo, a new website… the works! So what did I learn along the way and how (embarrassingly) long did it take me to get that new website up and running? Read on to find out!

I always tell my students that having a website is essential to your business. It’s your virtual storefront — when your clients see it, they should have a clear idea of who you are and what you do. But I must admit that when I realized my personal brand no longer did that it took a lot longer than I had anticipated to make the switch. 

In a way, it should have been easier and faster – after all I was not starting from scratch. I was already armed with all I had learned from starting my first business – I had my CRM and project management tools in place, my programs outlined, a team that understood where we were going and could help the business get there… but there were other priorities as well. Priorities like ensuring my students and clients could access all they needed and get the attention they deserved while we were transferring and updating our programs and services. 

This is an important thing to note – when it comes to branding, rebranding or “up-branding” – you should have a good look at what you really need to prioritize to get that machine running and just go from there. Take it from me, it took me two years to get my OBM School homepage up while my team and I worked on other priorities! While that page was under construction, I did redirect potential students to other relevant pages but as OBMs we know just how essential a good website is for online businesses so learn from my mistake, and remember that done is better than perfect.

Rebranding can feel like a monumental task, especially when you already have a business to run that requires your attention in tandem. But just take things one at a time and set your goals so you know if you’re on track to meet your target, or if you need to step on the gas. Having my team with me was invaluable because not only did they stop me when I was about to fall into a perfectionism procrastination loop, the OBM School website was a perfect collaboration of all our own individual skill sets.

Want to know what other lessons I learned from my rebrand? Watch my video below and find out…

  • My top tips for rebranding your online business
  • Figuring out what to prioritize when rebranding your business
  • How to leverage your team to break out of the perfectionism procrastination loop
  • How to make sure you keep on track of your goals

Click on the preview below to watch now:

Here’s a rundown of what I cover in this video:
00:00 – Rebranding a Business: Lessons Learned From My Rebrand
00:25 – My Story: OBM School1:18 – Why It Took
Me 2 Years to Launch My New OBM School Website
4:56 – Lesson 1
6:48 – Lesson 2
8:21 – Lesson 3
10:57 – Lesson 4
13:26 – Final Thoughts

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