My business is growing. Fast.

Over the course of the past year, onboarding new VAs for my own business (and also for my clients’) has become the norm.

Every few months, a new virtual assistant arrives and is immediately trained to implement the systems associated with their specific position. And because procedures have been methodically created for every single repeatable task in my business, onboarding staff is no longer as stressful as it used to be.

The purpose of procedures is to allow you to be more hands off with your multi-VA team; they’re meant to give you the freedom to focus on the revenue generating ideas that make your business great while your VAs take charge of the day-to-day. But how hands-off is too hands-off?

Even though my team functions like a well-oiled machine and everyone is clear on the procedures they’re responsible for, my team couldn’t survive without this one crucial tip: daily team meetings.

I know, you’re cringing.

The reason you brought on a virtual team is to decrease the time you spend daily involved in the nitty-gritty, right? But hear me out.

This doesn’t have to take more than 10-15 minutes.

Setting the tone for the day

Maybe today is going to be a doozy. You wake up and realize that it’s going to be one of those days when your whole team is going to be slammed. And you’re going to be slammed too.

Because you’ve written out clear procedures for your teams, they aren’t in the dark. That know that today is going to be extra challenging. But setting the tone for the day first thing in the morning is crucial. Maybe one team member has one too many tasks on their plate today. Maybe another team member, while still extremely busy, is willing to take that task on a one-time basis to ensure that everything is completed on time. Communication is key. Communicate to your team your expectations for the day, and keep your ears open to their comments and suggestions. Even though you’re stressed, this 10-15 meeting will leave every member of your team feeling prepared and aware of their fellow team members’ workload.

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Set the tone for the day face-to-face each morning and watch the wheels run a little smoother every day after.

Getting the big picture from each team member

You set the tone for the day during each meeting, but it’s important to get the big picture from each team member in the meeting as well. This should consist of each team member taking a turn listing off their major tasks for the day, any delays or bottlenecks that may be making it more challenging than it should be for them to complete these tasks, and how they plan to prioritize their tasks for the day.

This is such an opportunity for you as a manager! Every so often when my team members share their daily big picture with me, we end up identifying something as a team that no one had been aware of. Maybe it’s time that you as the manager write an email to an unruly client. Maybe you brainstorm how you can save time on a certain task and update an SOP. Or maybe you realize that a certain task should be moved to later in the week to allow more time for more urgent tasks to be performed on this particular day. This kind of team communication is gold! It’s the stuff that makes having a virtual team so productive and beneficial to your business.

Team Spirit!

Setting the tone for the day and getting the big picture from each team member has something in common: they foster a kind of team communication that I like to call “team spirit.”

If you’re like me, your virtual team is made up of team members that are working a considerable distance from one another. It’s a virtual team after all! I used to have meetings with everyone individually, and it definitely wasn’t a daily occurrence. But something changed when I started holding daily team meetings.

We got down to business. We shared our task load for the day with one another. But every once in awhile, we joked. We commiserated. One team member volunteered to take a task from another team member who was bogged down. We started to feel like less of a group of random people living all over the country and working from home to a group of coworkers and…dare I say friends?

This is what makes working with a virtual team so great. You have the independence and flexibility of working from home, but when a daily meeting is implemented correctly, you can also achieve this wonderful sense of team spirit.

Over to you:
What do you think? Ready to start having a daily meeting with your team? I want to know what strategies you use to get your team to gel.