We never get sick of the amazing and inspiring women (and men!) leveling up to create a life and business that truly works for them.

Today on the blog we are spotlighting Kelly Reynolds, a Certified Online Business Manager.

Here are some key things you should know about Kelly Reynolds:

  1. She’s a mom to an adorable 5-year-old
  2. She’s funny as hell and always cracks me up!
  3. She has a corporate **past** that I know a lot of us can relate to, myself included…Kelly used to have a lucrative career working for the Lehman Brothers before the crash in 2008. (So she’s a smart cookie, obv)
  4. She always dreamed of getting out of corporate but felt like she couldn’t “match” her corporate salary. (I fixed that mindset issue, lol) Now she’s leveraging her financial know-how and transferable corporate skills to make herself in-di-spensible to her clients!
  5. She’s a Certified Online Business Manager and took that program with me in back in April 2018- the first time I ran the program! Since then she’s built a 6 figure agency that’s growing FAST and she’s even hired her mom (and 2 others) to support her empire.

Click on the video below to catch the full interview:

Here’s the gist:

  1. Confidence tips- always a BIG ONE. Kelly gave these tips for those who are still struggling and battling with confidence issues, including finding a supportive community like the Confident OBM Community.
  2. Becoming a Certified Online Business Manager and how it changed the game for her business. According to Kelly, the OBM Certification Program created a much-needed framework and structure for her to leverage the skills that she already acquired in the corporate world.
  3. Tips for working from home with kiddos…
  4. Growing a team (delegating can be scary) and hiring her mom <3

Now over to you: Are you shifting from a “safe” corporate gig? What are some of the challenges you’re dealing with?


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